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    That they contemplated, the world could be saved

    Everyone who has read about the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, knows how close the world was towards a nuclear war. The deployment of nuclear missiles by USSR in Cuba had almost drawn the United States into a nuclear war. Trigger-happy military generals on both sides were eager to jump into the war. However, John F Kennedy, the US President and Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet premier held their nerves. They resisted the war cry of their generals and instead contemplated on the consequences of a war, which would have wiped out one-third of the human race. A US aircraft was even shot down and the pilot killed. The President still held his nerves. He negotiated, talked with everyone who mattered to prevent this all-destructive war. His perseverance finally paid off, when the Soviets agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba.

    40 years later, the world realized with horror; it was closer to a nuclear war then was previously thought. During the missile crisis, the US Navy had blockaded all routes to Cuba. Any warship trying to slip through was being intercepted. A Soviet nuclear-armed submarine, which was in the area, was also intercepted. The Americans did not know the nuclear status of the submarine. The Soviet submarine commanders assumed war had broken and thus prepared to fire the nuclear torpedo. For firing a nuclear weapon, it required two commanders to give the go ahead. Both commanders gave their okay, but luckily, for the Americans and for the entire world, there was a third commander present in the submarine that day. He was Vasily Arkhipov, senior to the other two commanders. In that crisis moment, he contemplated and thought it unwise to fire a nuclear weapon just on the assumption that the war had begun. He dissuaded the other two and thus a sure nuclear war was averted.

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    Two commanders contemplated that war has broken and they wanted to fire the nuclear torpedo. Another commander who was there on the ship contemplated unwise to fire the same and stopped. That shows the different attitudes of the people. The contemplations will be based on the attitudes of the persons also,
    A good write up from the author. The leaders those days appears to be more sincere and they tried their best to stop the nuclear war and convinced the people and averted a big loss. But these days are different. China released Coronavirus onto the world to create unrest among the people and the whole world is suffering for the last 2 years. This also shows the difference in the attitude of the leaders. A good leader should contemplate the possible loss to the world by the actions and decide suitably so that the public will not suffer.
    I think this is for the TOW contest. The author should mention that in his write up and give an internal link to the contest thread. He should mention this thread in that announcement thread also. Just for information.

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    Yes, both John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev acted very responsibly during those trying days, especially more so, the US President. They had to fight against their administration and the military top brass to prevent sliding into a war that would have meant total annihilation for both countries. Rightly said by Dr Rao, today's leaders should learn lessons from that all-important month in 1962 when the world was almost headed for doom.

    There is one more person, the world should be thankful for and that is Anastas Mikoyan, a top Soviet government official, who was in Cuba during those crisis days. During the removal of the nuclear missiles from Cuba, the Soviets did a faux pas. They had removed the 160 or so ballistic missiles but not 100 nuclear warheads. These were short-range rockets kind of things, which went unnoticed by the Americans. For firing, these weapons didn't require any commands or codes from Moscow. Any local Cuban commander, if he gets hold of these could start a nuclear war with the US, which will ultimately drag the Soviets too. Anastas Mikoyan contemplated on them and realising the danger, took initiative on his own and negotiated with the Cuban government to get those nuclear warheads back to the Soviet Union. Thus saving the world from a potential nuclear disaster. Similar apprehensions, we have of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Pakistani terror elements.

    Thankfully, even though the world was on the verge of total disaster, during the entire crisis, only one life was lost due to military action and that was of Major Anderson, pilot of the ill-fated reconnaissance aircraft that was shot down by the Soviets. Thanks, Dr Rao, have given the needful link.

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    A very nice historical sketch is presented by the author bringing out the need of constructive contemplation and patience in our lives. Nuclear war is a disaster and we must make all out efforts to avoid it and that requires a thoughtful and wise analysis of the impending dangers and their resolutions well ahead in time.
    Good leaders know all these aspects about war and peace and only the prudent ones can take such positive and concrete decisions to save the humans on this planet Earth.

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    Yes, because they contemplated the consequences of a nuclear war. They also contemplated that "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind". It is not at all necessary to show the power of destruction as it affects both sides. The leaders may fly away to another state with their families but the people of their country will keep on suffering for their misdeeds. A leader is one who applies mind and is not a mindless person. Nowadays, conflicts are rising all over the world because of the so-called leaders who are just mindless. A lot to learn from the leaders and the dissenting commander mentioned in the thread.

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    The author has well connected the world happening in 1962 when I was about to be born and the way things were winding up could have made the world worst in living as nuclear arsenals would be taking into war and that would be deadly and no coming back to normal life. Some good minds have contemplated to stop the war and that has been done. If the leaders would have crooked and not having any soft corner for the human race, then the war could have been other thing around. But good natured people know the results of war and thus stopped bad things to happen. Even today India and Pakistan are holding their nuclear buttons to the chest and even China can involve and in that case the very survival become the big question mark. Surely good sense must prevail in the rulers mind and war is never a solution.
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