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    Partiality for Article approval in ISC

    Dear All,

    I am Dr. S. Manoharan and I am a member of ISC since 2011. I wrote many articles in Tamilspider which was a sister site of ISC previously and now that site is not available.

    I wish to bring to the kind attention of the members of ISC that the editors of ISC are doing some partiality in the article approval. They are not approving good articles with relevant content and continuously they are putting those articles on the pending list. After making many corrections as per the comments from the editors, finally, the articles have been rejected in my case.I don't know the reason for this kind of activities are happening in ISC. I faced this situation in my journey of article writing in ISC. So, I kindly request you all to share your comments in this regard.
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    My experience is different. My articles were reviewed. Sometimes directly approved for publication. Sometimes they were moved to the pending section and asked me to modify the issues and after doing that they were approved. I don't remember the rejection of any of my articles so far. Even when they moved to the pending section, they will clearly mention the corrections that are to be made. Sometimes they give some suggestions also for a better presentation. I don't understand the necessity for the editors to show partiality. They will work for the progress of the site and they will encourage the members to come out with quality material. Anyhow, you can wait for the responses from other members and the concerned editors on this matter.
    always confident

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    Dr Manoharan, please submit the URL/ topic of the article to which you are referring. And, please be very careful while putting up such allegations. If you have any grievance, please be specific and do not come up with vague justifications that may confuse our members which is not acceptable. Submit the URL and we will check it out before replying to your allegation of partiality, which, I, personally, would say, is uncalled for and does not appear to have any valid ground. No one is anyone's cousin out here!
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    I think you are totally mistaken in respect of your report. My experience with ISC is quite different from what you are reporting. ISC editors are always co-operative and co-ordinate with members. Even if any changes are needed they will patiently ask us to modify according to the need of the article. They reject only when the content is very poor and with a lot of mistakes. Most of my articles were first time accepted or several times they suggested me to make particular changes and after that they used to accept. I never found the editors are partial. By showing partiality they didn't get anything and they are straining themselves to keep the quality of content high in ISC. We the members have to co-operate with editors to keep ISC flag flying

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    As far as my experience goes about this educational portal that is ISC, I would like to mention a few points in this discussions so that the old members as well as the new members get a better picture of the things, of course as per my perception only, as what is going on.
    ISC has certain rules, regulation, and policies and as per that it accepts two type of articles in its article section.
    The first category belongs to educational matters or through contests and for that points and cash credits are given once the article is approved.
    The second category is known as non educational articles for which only points will be given if they are approved and published.
    Let us now come to the quality and content issue. If the quality of the article is poor and content is also of a mediocre quality then there are good chances of it getting rejected. If the quality is satisfactory and content is also satisfactory then there are chances that it gets approved but the points will be given only in the range of 15 to 20. This holds for everyone whether he is a very good author or is a new author.
    Now the question comes how to assess our articles ourselves so that when it is given some points and/or cc then we can be satisfied with that score. For assessing our articles we have to do some homework. What we have to do is we have to go through a good number of articles in ISC and go through them meticulously and see their content, structure, and quality and then get an idea of the assessment.
    If we do that then in most of the cases we will find that whatever score is given to us that is coinciding with our own assessment. Maybe in some cases we may get some small difference but that is within the tolerance limit.
    Just to mention that I was working in a site where my first article published after 3-4 rounds of editing, improving content, correcting spellings, restructuring etc. I was fed up and humiliated with that process because it took 6 months. Today I have got my 140 articles published there.

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    No doubt ISC is one of the best portals for sharing knowledge. I regularly contribute content to this platform.

    But sometimes I also feel like the author of this thread. This is because In the job section of ISC where members contribute the latest job notification but a particular member gets the highest CC and Point compare to other members while all content has the same. I have proof.

    Phagu Mahato
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    I strongly wish to say that ISC is doing partiality in the process of articles approval. I am always an open minded person to disclose the truth. This is my confidence about this channel as per my experience. I don't father about others opinion.

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    Manoharan gobam vendam. That means do not get agitated. When you contributed for Tamil Spider that was for a regional centric information and the articles submitted there would have been approved for want of more such feeds from the members belonging to the respective states. But when it comes to ISC, it is the international portal and we have the readers and followers spread across the globe and that is the reason being so the ISC editors expect qualitative approach to each article, let there be more detailing, no doubt the articles what you have submitted are good for you, but need to be amended as sought by the editors during the process of approval and to which each member has to follow, otherwise the articles would not be approved. You have good writing capacity and can churn out further more details and just submit the same and get articles approved.
    K Mohan
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    Dr Manoharan, where is the URL/ topic of the article you are referring to? There is no point in allowing this discussion without specifics.
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    Dear All,

    I don't want to continue with further arguments for this thread in this forum. I want to put a full stop for further comments on this thread. Thanks to all of you for your kind support to me in my journey of ISC since 2011 to till date. Good bye to all members of ISC.

    With Regards,

    Dr. S. Manoharan.

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    Now, that is not acceptable, Dr Manoharan! Why turn back if you really have an issue and is confident about what you alleged. I would say, with due apologies, that it is pusillanimity. Since you had raised an allegation, I summon you to either prove it or withdraw your allegation. I don't think it would be fair to allow you to put the banana peel on the footpath and to wait and watch if someone slips.
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    I never put the banana peel on the footpath. I don't have that habits. Fell free and check my recently deleted articles and then tell the truth.

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    Dr Manoharan, it is not practically possible for an editor to go through the entire index and check for your articles. That is why you were requested to provide the URL/ topic of the article (s) in question. Please do that without beating around the bush so that the problem is resolved. Since you have raised the point of partiality in the public platform, it is imperative that we clear the issue for the benefit of our members as well as the site. They cannot be allowed to be confused.
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    This is the URL of my deleted article.

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    Now, that says it all. Firstly, the article was rejected due to poor quality and also because you did not make necessary changes as suggested by the editor. Secondly, do you really think that what you submitted can be called an article? An article should be descriptive in nature and should be able to convey the points involved with the topic in detail so that the communication between the author and the readers is complete. Please read and understand the detailed guidelines for submitting articles and follow the instructions strictly in future if you want your articles to be approved.

    You have not followed the guidelines and have turned a blind eye to the instructions by the editor, yet you chose to blame the editors and have raised a serious allegation about partiality. Not done!

    Please clarify.

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    According to my point of view, the article is 100% perfect in all aspects. I have known very well about how to write a good article. I don't want anybody to teach me. Good bye to ISC.

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    Dear Dr. S. Manoharan,

    I have looked into this complaint. Please look at things from the right perspective.

    The issue is that you did not follow the instructions of the editor. While you made some corrections in English, (there were still a few errors, mind you, that before final approval would have been corrected by the editor if required), you did not make other major corrections. You were clearly instructed to (a) give a link that would open the external site in a separate Tab, and (b) to give the external only once. You chose to repeatedly ignore the instructions, gave a direct link that opened the site on the same page, and gave the link three times. Editors cannot be expected to review an article over and over and over again when the author chooses to submit it in the same condition without the rectifications. We were also prepared to give you further guidance through direct communication on presenting future articles in a better-structured, descriptive format. However, it seems that you have decided to quit.

    If you still wish to bid Adieu, then that's your call, but it will remain an unfortunate decision made in haste. Wishing you all the best in your career ahead.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Dear Vandana,

    Thank you much for your blessings on my future career. I also would like to wish you for having good in all aspects of your life. bye.

    With Regards,

    Dr S. Manoharan.

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