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    Timely actions are very important

    One of my cousins stay in Rajahmundry. Today morning I understand he kept his phone in the window for charging and went out. By the time he came back the phone was missing This man took it lightly and not informed the service provider. The thief started phoning up to all the female contacts on that phone from the same number and started talking vulgarly. Many relatives received the call and all started contacting my cousin on his second number. Then only he went to the service provider and arranged for blocking that SIM. He does not even bother to inform the police about the theft. The police can easily trace it back before it is blocked. Now after blocking the number giving police complaints is also of no use.

    He might have informed the police immediately after the theft. Unnecessarily today much disturbance among our relative circle. By giving immediate complaints to the police and the service provider, this problem might have been averted. What are your views?
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    Yes, for some of the problems timely actions are very essential. Especially when a credit card or debit card lost or mobile phone lost immediate action is required. If you become late in these issue there is no much use and we have to face the consequences.

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    Time is the essence of everything. If we are not able to take an action timely then the action loses its significance. Many people feel that adhering to time is very easy and we should take immediate actions and decisions on important matters. But in real life it is not like that. Due to the inherent resistance and inherent tendency of laziness in many people they are not able to take up an action at an appropriate time.
    There are some prerequisites for acting in time. The person should be having a high degree of discipline, sincerity, and strong inclination for undertaking the activities in time.
    In many cases it so happens that opportunities come in the lives of the people but they are not able to avail them because they take a lot of time in deciding whether they should go for those opportunities or not. Their minds will be full of doubts and apprehensions about those things. They take a lot of time in deciding and by the time some other person who is smart and quick grabs those opportunities.

    Knowledge is power.

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