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    Contemplating happiness will make you happy, momentarily

    At last, it has happened and you are feeling really happy now! I am sure many of you have gone through such things in regular lives when you contemplated happiness. You thought that you can only be happy after such and such things are fulfilled but afterwards are you really happy or if I ask how long the state of happiness lasted I think the answer will not be that encouraging. Actually, contemplating what can make you happy will make you happy momentarily. If we look into the state of our happiness, it will be found that it is short-lived. Once we reach one state of happiness we set another condition to be happy or shall I say happier? We made this a continuous process and hence cannot remain happy steadily. Maybe we are accustomed to it by doing it regularly and in this way remain tensed all the time to enjoy a few moments of happiness. How about accepting that there will be hurdles and contemplating moving forward by concentrating on the problems to solve? If we can happily resolve the problem is there any need to become happy only after finding a solution? Some orientation in the thought process can help to bring in the necessary changes.

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    By the way the actions and reaction which we vent are always targeted to give ultimate happiness to us. For that matter even teasing others would get some sort of solace within us that we have taken a jibe at our competitor but that does augur well for a seasoned performer. Contemplating happiness is the good trait and it is always accompanied with collective participation among others and prove the mattle because achieving success alone without any competitor is not that good, but when you compete and prove that you are unstoppable and surging to go, that is the stamp of great performance to which even the awards and rewards would pour in. And the more the hurdles in achieving the target and reaching the goal, the more the happiness would be as we have now gone through wonderful experience in life.
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    Happiness is a state of mind. A person having very less can be happier than an affluent person. Everyone searches for happiness in one's life. But it is like a mirage in the desert. More near to it we go more far it shifts.
    Contemplating about happiness or happier things in our lives will provide us a temporary rejoice but it is a momentary gain and soon we will be searching for new imagination for being happy or getting it in our lives. Such pursuing of happiness is of no practical value. It will simply be a strain on our minds.
    A better way will be to first contemplate, then plan, and then come down to actions, and finally execute and complete the job. That would definitely be a hard way but would be a better way for seeking happiness in our lives.

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    Happiness or sorrowfulness. These two are the states of the mind. It all depends on our thinking process. It differs from person to person. I feel happy if a particular party wins and some others feel sorry for the same. To be happy is in your hands only. If there are no special desires, having food two times a day itself may bring happiness to somebody. If we have some expectations or goals and if we reach them we will be excited. If there are no set goals, even a small gain will also make you very happy. As mentioned by the author a small change in the mindset will make a lot of difference.
    If you choose to be happy don't contemplate very big end results and keep your desires and expectations as low as possible and you will be always happy only. Working hard for being happy has become the norm of the day. But how long that happiness will sustain is a big question mark?

    always confident

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