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    Human body is a miraculous healer in itself

    Human body is a highly evolved and developed biological machine whose many mysteries are yet to be unraveled by the modern sciences including medical sciences. There are many systems of medicines available in this world starting from naturopathy and ending with allopathy. In every system certain measures and care are taken and certain medications are given for curing a particular ailment. There are some ailments for which there is no cure available in any of the system and modern sciences are engaged in research in those areas to find a medicine for them.
    In many ailments it is observed that sometimes the body repairs and cures itself though it takes time and sometimes some supplements or home remedies are also used in conjunction. In many instances it is very difficult to conclude whether the body got cured itself or the supplements and home remedies helped in curing it.
    In spite of all these observations it is also a fact that human body is very mysterious entity and many times based on its immune power and healthy status it also cures many ailments itself. This is of course a matter of great medical research. What is your experience in this area. Is human body capable of curing itself in many cases when we fall ill?
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    Yes, the author is right that the body has the capacity to heal up in its own in due course. There are certain common ailments such as cough, cold, stomach issues and even some liver disorders. The body would slowly recover and even the doctors agree for the 75 % health disorders require no medicines but one should have patience to see how the body is trying to recover inits own way. We have seen excellent results if yoga therapy and other home remedies are used in connection with the heal up procedure. This definitely strengthens the body mechanism and the faster rate of recovery is possible. Yoga therapy has even helped the heart patients for the restoration of the normal health. In spite of rushing to the doctors for the minor issues, we should wait and watch in what way the body is recovering in its own way at least in cold and cough apart from stomach issues. Sometimes minor home remedies would be enough to heal up the disorders.

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    Yes, human body is a mysterious entity and it has its own healing system. But to work the healing system well we have to supply the nutrients that are needed by our body. To protect our own body itself there are so many immune systems work. To protect our body from outside environment we have skin covered over entire body. To protect the entry of dust and germs, our nose has hair and our entire respiratory system has fine filtering mechanism. To protect our eyes from dust and germs, the eyes have eye lashes and eye balls have tears. The ears produce glue to prevent the entry of germs. The WBC in blood help in providing immunity against germs. To control over the chemical reactions that occur in our body hormones are secreted by special glands in our body. All these things keep our body healthy all the time. Despite of all these, some times disease causing germs overtakes our protective and immune systems and spoil our health. Then we have to use medicines from external source to control effect of disease causing germs.

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    That is true. The human body is having self-healing capacity. Not only bodily health issues even psychological issues also. We forget many issues slowly as we move on in our lives. This is a big boon given by God. We are able to forget many issues which made us suffer and we forward.
    Coming to bodily health problems also, our body is having the capacity to get cured on its own. Our body is having its own machinist in getting out of illness. The immunity of the body and the strength of the body will contribute a lot to this. If there is a small cut on our body blood will come for a moment and then stop on its own as blood there will get solidified. Taking medicines may hasten the curing process but the medicines we use will have their own separate side effects which may not be good for the health. So for small problems managing with home remedies is the best way. Going for allopathic medicines should be the last resort and we should go for it only when there is no other path for getting cured.

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