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    Inculcate self discipline in your child. It is the success mantra in their life!

    For the welfare our children, we think of so many things like good environment, money, love, affection, good school etc. Over all these things, we, most of the time, miss one important aspect and that is self-discipline. If your child is not self-disciplined, his life may become a failure. If we impose discipline on the child forcibly, such discipline may not remain with them. This forcible discipline doesn't bring positive results in their life. We must inculcate self-discipline in our child from an early age through practice so that it becomes a part of his habit and character. Gandhiji also pronounced this fact in his public life through his speeches and he has always followed this in his life. Don't you think self-discipline makes us very successful in our life? Please share your views regarding self-discipline.

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    The author is right. It is the need of hour especially in the present scenario. In Tamil there is a saying,' ainthile valaiyaathathu aimbthil valayaadhu' which means we cannot a person in fifty if not corrected him in his fifth year.
    We should, in addition to inculcate them, made practicing them to visit nearby temples, libraries, relatives' houses, talking to relatives (in many houses parents themselves sending their children into the room or outside when visitors/relatives coming by telling that they are busy in study), by taking them with us. Parents in many houses avoid taking their children to functions, marriages of relatives.

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    In Tamil there is a great saying that "Aainthile vilaivadhu aaibathil vilayadhu" that means at the age of five a child can be mend to perfection and that is not possible to mend a person who attained 50 years. Self discipline is most important and the mother is solely responsible for her behavior on this matter as she is being closely watched and followed by the child. For example if the child is made to sit to eat with the members of the family all the table manners would be made known to him or her and that would be followed till the end of life. If the mother fails to learn the child on how to respect others and how to be benevolent to others, the child may be ignorant and the parents should not quarrel against each other and the abuse words thus chanted would be fast learned by the child and that is very dangerous trend.
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    Self discipline is a great trait in ones life and only those people who have a good amount of self discipline can progress and prosper in their lives. Discipline itself is the fundamental thing required for taking up the various tasks at the scheduled times and adhering to their priority as per the importance of the jobs. Some people are very much disciplined in their lives but their family members might not be happy with them as no one wants to work under such constraints. People want all sort of facilities but do not want that disciplined is to be applied on them. In such a situation having a self discipline is a great thing and people who are self disciplined do not need any external stimuli for it.
    Our children are in their tender age and if we inculcate self discipline in them they would learn it very easily and then it will be a life time golden possession for them and they will be able to survive in any environment in future in their lives.

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    Self-discipline is very important for the progress of the individual. Self-discipline is nothing but controlling our emotions and pushing ourselves forward to complete the tasks on hand on time. One should have eagerness in their mind. As elders, we should see that our children will get the required discipline so that they will be successful in their lives. We have to see that they will understand the importance of self-discipline.
    It is easy to teach discipline to children at a tender age. We can easily mould them and they will get accustomed to those habits. When I was in high school my mother used to wake me up at about 4.30 AM. Slowly that has become a habit for me. Like this whatever we practice in our childhood days may become a habit to us. So we should see that our children will be self-disciplined at an early age itself so that they will have discipline throughout their lives.

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