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    Outcome of usage of mobile phones in our daily routine

    The following major 'benefits' we attain in our daily routine because of the usage of mobile phine:
    We forget wearing a wrist watch
    We forget use of calculators
    We lost touch with cameras
    We set aside calendars
    We ignore radio listening
    Usage of tape recorders, CD were forgotten.
    Usage of alarm in time piece
    We ignore relatives, own children
    We lost peace in us
    Above all we lose our money by recharging mobile charges
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    Once we are addicted to mobile phones, we loose so many valuable things in our life like valuable time, guiding our children, our work routine, loosing concentration over our office work, etc. We gain so many bad things like casual approach to problems, laziness, complaining over others, over talkative nature, etc. But if you use mobile for proper prosperous it becomes a wonderful real friend of you!!

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    The author has come out with our transition of using things which we were used to prior to having cell phones. It is the fact that I am not using the wrist watch so far as I felt immaterial to have the same when our phone can display the timing in big screen. And pbone calculators have limited use, where as we need to have one small calculator handy for some great calculations especially the scientific calculators. When we go round on outing, surely the camera is must and we are having it constant companion. As far as calendars are concerned we have the same with all details of almanac. Yes we do forging listening to radio, tape recorders or CD. And our cell phone alarm wake up is functioning daily. For us cell phone is not the only world and we do spend time with the near and dear ones. If the phone is sparingly used, then there is abundant peace. When whole world is controlled in the palm, spending few rupees for recharge is the calculated risk.
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    Mobile phone is such a gadget in our hands that we can say that it is all in one type of thing facilitating us to do any thing by using it even on the go (OTG). Having such a powerful device in our hand how it is possible that we would not be addicted to it? I remember in our childhood we used to become excited and thrilled with anything new in sight though from todays standards that would be a thing to mock.
    When I got my first TT bat and a white ball along with it I was seeing it in my dreams also and was waiting for the evening time when we were allowed to play in a nearby facility. It was addictive. Everything in our lives is addictive but only thing is we should have some money to afford that new facility.

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    Yes. Smartphones made our lives easy. A phone in your hand and the entire world is in your hand. You can know what is happening and where it is happening and full details can be obtained without going out from your house. We need not have a separate newspaper. We need not go to a studio for a photo and we can take it from our phone. You need not go anywhere to watch a movie or hear a song. They can be enjoyed just sitting in our house. So people are getting addicted to these phones. These days some official work also is being carried out using these mobiles and WhatsApp and telegram apps are very useful for this purpose. So we should understand the importance of these devices and use them in a beneficial way. Definitely, there will be some negative points also. We should know how smartly we can use smartphones for our benefit and use them accordingly.
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