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    The one you left behind is the one who is pulling you back

    Collective cooperation is behind the success of life. But the main obstacles to this in our society are race and class, education and culture, financial opportunities, and privileges which deprive one class. Which is against the welfare of society and mankind. So these deprived people are always suffered from their smoked dissatisfaction and the rebellious revolution engages in cheap behavior which degrades the society. So the one who is not letting you go up is trying to bring you down. So give everyone a chance to do something through the dividing line, and with the progress of everyone, the society and the country will reach the peak of progress. Your comments, please.
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    While I do agree that there are some factors which do play an important role in defining our life and progress, it is we must decide the overcome the obstacles with ease. The race and class are the part and parcel of our identification to which we must be proud of and need not feel let down. And our good education alone can bring and name and fame and not anything else. Those who are well educated are living the life in good condition and they need not bow the head towards others as their own talent and knowledge would get them the things done. And the culture what we follow is the legacy passed on by our elders to which we need to be proud of. The financial opportunities need to be grabbed and not missed and privileges do meet us with grace if we are smart enough and have the courage to face the challenges.
    K Mohan
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    True. When your race and class are causing hindrance for your progress, definitely the deserved will become a rebellion or may look for some other alternative so that they have their peaceful life. We see many Indians go abroad and settle well there and become very big. Why do they leave India? They might have not got opportunities here because of the conditions. rules and regulations that are prevailing here. So the country is at a loss but not the individual.
    If we give equal opportunities to all and support financially the people who are not able to manage, we can see a big change in the country. Many people who are doing exceptionally well will also remain here. They contribute their might for the country.
    As mentioned by the author if all are getting equal opportunities in accordance with their merit and calibre, definitely we will see a different India altogether.

    always confident

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    In a populated country like ours until we give equal opportunities and career paths to our youths we would not be progressing in a real collective way. Another important point in this aspect is that even if equal opportunities are given to everyone irrespective of any caste, creed, or financial status we can absorb only a handful of people in jobs because of the obvious reasons that we have a large number of unemployed people but very few jobs available. So I think that population control is the first thing that is to be taken on priority. Second point is we have to generate a large number of small jobs which some people say as menial jobs with low salaries and avoid generating the high salaried jobs. It is unfortunate that in private sector the organisations are paying a high salary to an expert but taking ten persons job from him and nine people are becoming unemployed in this process. Those who are deprived of jobs would certainly pull us back.
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