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    The new must move forward along with the old?

    The natural tendency of man is to shake off the old and accept the new. Although new and old do not complement each other, old experiences should not be discarded. Because these are the accumulated books in the library. These are bud flowers of the past. So it is the responsibility of the new generation to blossom the old bud and take its beautiful scent. Therefore, it is their duty to protect the old as well as to bring the new in the light of the old. So let's move forward together in a modern way by getting rid of the old mistakes and keeping pace with the times. What is your thinking?
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    Now a days the author has been churning out some good and thought provoking posts and this is one is class apart. When you welcome the new way of life it is but natural that you should not forget the basics which are old enough and should be followed. If grand parents are old and getting more old it does not mean we should discard them and reject them from our life. In fact if the elder persons live in the home, they are the best advisers to the family members and every issue can be tackled with the connivance and experience of the elders on the subject. We may be happy with the modern way of life and that does not mean we should discard the old traditional way. For example making chutney through the traditional method always tastes good than preparing the same on the mixie of present age.
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    Old people are living examples of various experiences they have during their journey of life. If we hear from them those experiences we will get a lot of knowledge and we need not wait to experience the same and get experienced. That is why we should always respect the old people and ask them to narrate their experiences which will guide us in our lives.
    The old people in the house are like guides to us who can tell us about their life and the way in which they tackled the issues during their active years. That information will be very useful for us in our lives in many ways. So it is always wise to go with the old and combine the old with our thoughts and use them. I have seen some people who think that yesteryear's policies and methods are not suitable for the current days. But that is not true and they are very valuable and useful always.

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    It is said that old is gold. We cannot ignore the old things and ideas just because we have got some new things and new patterns in our lives. It is obvious that the errors and mistakes made in the past and shortcomings which were there in our actions should not be repeated now as we have the new things in our hand and we know how to make our actions in a correct and proper form.
    Today whatever position in which we are is the aggregate out of our old life. It means that there were many takeaways by which today we are standing at this juncture. How can we forget all the good things that happened in the past and enriched our experience, knowledge, and understanding of this world. Even if we want to forget the old things they will be remaining in our mind somewhere in the back sitting in hibernation stage and will emerge out in a moment whenever we would be requiring them for reference and use in our present situation. So old will always be hidden there and can be called anytime.

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