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    Why should we bother when others are in order ?

    When we make mistakes during the childhood and later as youth and even thereafter, it is generally advised by elders that we should mend our ways on seeing and learning the behavior from others. But here comes the take, when others are making mistakes and the same thing is learned by aping them, then where is the wrong ?. Why should we bother when other are in order. That means the onus of being right and doing the things in right path lies with all and we do not know clandestinely people are following our life style and behavior and therefore we are also accountable.
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    We cannot learn everything from the books and literature on various subjects or topics. We can only accumulate some theoretical knowledge by going through them. In our real lives we have to observe what others are doing and why they are doing so and what are the motives behind their actions and from that we can take some lessons for doing same thing or avoiding those things. The final take is always with us whether to mimic that pattern or reject it. When I was in service and was living in Chennai then one of our colleagues told us that solar energy is going to be utilised in the world in a great way and in India also some companies are doing good work in harnessing the solar power as there is tremendous scope in the area and the share prices of these companies dealing in solar power generation is going to increase significantly and that is why he was buying those shares. We also got much excited and many of us including myself invested a good amount in those solar companies and share was increasing day by day making us happy.
    After a few weeks suddenly something of disastrous nature happened and share market collapsed due to some grave situation and though after one year the shares of good companies again came back to their pre-disaster level but our solar companies were not seen anywhere and most of them were closed. All of us lost significantly. So sometimes following others is disastrous also. We only are accountable for our action.

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    Whether you follow somebody or you hear somebody or decide on your own knowledge, ultimately the onus is on you only. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. People who are seniors to us might have seen both good and bad in their lives and by knowing their experience we can learn some ways and means in solving many issues. But we can't make them responsible saying that we followed you.
    Everybody wants to be safe and successful. So in that process, people try to learn through various ways and means. Reading books or hearing some people telling their experiences or observing others while they perform we learn. Learning is easy by observing others. That is people used to say see that man and learn how to behave. We have to use brains definitely before we act even though we learn from different sources. We can't copy from somewhere and we have to modify it in such a way that it will suit us. Even after all these, we may not get the anticipated result and we should get satisfied with whatever we get. That is life.

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    Mohan, do you mean to say that a mistake becomes a right when repeated? A wrong is always a wrong, no matter how many people commit it. Your idea and suggestion, both are in bad taste. And how can you say that a mistake committed by one is in order? I would say that your thought process, in this case at least, is distorted.
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    We should not blame others for the mistakes we have committed while choosing a career or selecting some share scripts thinking that the prices of such shares will rise significantly in due course. However, these are mere speculations and nothing is likely to happen in the similar way as speculated. Any failure on our part to choose something is our own failure and for that we are solely accountable to this. It is true that that the experience shared by others would help us to take a better decision and this happens of course many a time but it is still difficult to say that we will have the winning situation always simply others have acquired success.

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    I am sure the elders never advised us to mend our ways by seeing and following others who are doing something wrong. For example, parents may admonish children for their rude acts and tell them to mend their behaviour by showing the example of a person having good mannerisms and behaviour. They will not give the example or tell their children to follow the anti-socials. What is acceptable and what is not is taught by the parents and it is up to the children to decide whether to copy the acceptable form of behaviour or the unacceptable ones. If others are doing something unacceptable would you call that they are in order? Certainly not!

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