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    Work kept pending will keep bothering us

    Whether it is at office or home, we must finish the work that was initiated no matter whether it takes time and energy because by keeping the work pending it always bother us and other works also get affected in the process. If the work was kept pending for want of attention or help from others, they must be contacted and the task completed. Otherwise we would be piling up the case to the next level which we may not be able to tackle forthwith. What is your take on this matter ? Do you contemplate pending work to finish forthwith or to move ahead with a new task ?
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    A very good observation made by the author. Pending jobs or tasks would haunt us day and night till we either complete them or discard them partially or fully. It is big headache to manage the big inventory of pending jobs in our lives. Actually speaking we should not accumulate pending jobs in our kitty but everyone has some weak ends and it is always possible that one is not able to complete a job and kept that under the pending category. I do not think that there is an easy solution to this problem. For example right now I am having some 20-30 pending jobs hanging on my head and for not taking up those jobs immediately there is a valid reason for each of them. Every week I have to revise them and sometimes I find that one or two of them can now be taken up but by that time a few new ones are also added to the list taking me to same place.
    My experience in this matter is that highly ambitious and hard working people (you can exclude me) will always be having a good number of tasks pending as they go over their capacities and capabilities.

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    By the way Umesh why your works gets piled up when you are reviewing the same every week ?
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    In my opinion, if the works are in progress and going on as scheduled we need not worry and need not be considered as pending works. But if we have not initiated the works that are to be initiated, then only we have to worry. These days we can't wait for work to be complete before we start another work. We have to see that all the work on hand will be progressing. Before initiating any work, we will have a plan of action. That plan will tell us what stage is to be completed by what time. If we are going as per that plan no issues. But if there is any delay, we should take that seriously and see the cause and find out the effect of that delay and how to bring it back onto the rails is to be seen. If such works are there definitely we will have a very bad time and at the back of our mind, the same issue will be poking us. So it is better to call a day only after making a revised plan of action and initiating the revised plan is the best thing.
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