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    Why are popular book shops closing their business? Is it because of easy accessibility of E-books?

    Bibliophiles who had great love for books earlier and stored their collection of books with great care are now turning their attention to E-books and store the same on their computers or laptops. This makes me think that the main reason behind this might be they could save money by going through the information they need on e-books which are available free on the internet. Moreover, they do not have to accommodate more space for their new collection of books. However, some bibliophiles still love buying books and proudly display them in their own library. My question is will there be a few book stalls as compared to earlier days ? If so why and if you feel there would be enough book shops to feed the hunger of book lovers, please discuss the reason ?
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    Physical books are losing their charm and slowly the whole thing is going to be in digital form. The advent of Kindle reading devices by Amazon or other similar apps have revolutionised the way we are reading the books today. Many ebooks are free and others are available for a small amount. It makes sense to go for ebooks in this environment. One can keep them in the mobile or pen drive or a hard drive and from it the resource can be retrieved in time of using it.
    In olden days people used to buy the physical books and many had so many volumes of the reference books like Encyclopaedia Britannica which takes 2-3 shelfs to keep it in an Almirah.
    In this changing scenario the sale of the books is also affected and only a few readers buy them who do not like to read on an electronic device like Kindle Reader. Books are being offered on heavy discounts even then there are few people opting to buy them.

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    Yes. Slowly physical copies of books are losing their importance and people are getting habituated to reading electronic versions of books. We require a huge place to store more number of physical books and maintaining them also is very difficult. Money to be spent is also very high. Carrying them while travelling is also very difficult. E-books are easy to store, carry and read. There is no risk of somebody taking away and not returning is also not there. We can give it to others simply by copying and pasting and our copy will be with us only.
    Because of all the above advantages, people are not showing interest to purchase the physical versions of books. That is why big publication houses are also getting closed. Many printing presses also are getting closed. A day is very near when we all will not see any printed newspaper and we all will read E version of the newspapers only. This is the effect of digital development.

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    In today's digital world, books in physical form lost their glim and e form of books ruling the world. Publishers are selling their daily news papers, magazines, educational books, novels in e form. The customers also in present generation don't want to pile up books in their book racks. Inorder to minimize the occupation of books in house , everyone likes to have e books.

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    The cost of the books is very high compared to the E-books. I personally like a printed version of a book more than a digital copy. I feel very comfortable with a printed book than the E-book. It is very easy to go back and read the pages we liked. The printed book in the hand feels a lot better than an E reader. I always prefer a printed version of a book.
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    Right, that is the primary reason. With changing scenarios the nature of the business also changes. Long ago there were Long Playing discs, then Audio Cassettes, CDs, etc and now people prefer listening to music online and do not bother about storing them. The cost of paper has increased a lot and if you want a book with a good quality of paper you need to invest a lot. For the e-version of the book, you do not have to invest much and there is no need for a dedicated space to keep the e-books. People have adopted technologies well and many are feeling much more comfortable with e-books. All these reasons forced some shops to close their units or to move to new ventures.

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    I do not fully agree with the author that the popular books shops have closed their business for lack of patronage because I always found, when ever book melas are held in Hyderabad, the book lovers would throng the place and purchase their choicest book. The other day I was going through the AG's office in Hyderabad wherein at the back side gate a vendor is selling the second hand books which are of very good collections and I have seen even students purchasing the old edition of books pertaining to general knowledge and aptitude test. So what I mean to say that though the E books has taken its center stage and many are not purchasing the real books, but the old timers wants to have their library full of books as they want to refer and enjoy the book reading again and again and therefore collection of books never die.
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    Yes, the author is right, maybe it is seeing in these days but if someone asks me personally, then my priority will be a paper book. Ebooks may have more easy to access as we can have more ebooks with us at one time at a place but these books never give the pleasure that we got when reading a hand paper book. On the other hand, we can also save our eyes from more screen time. As far as cost is concerned yes I agree this is high in the paper book but it is because they are actually more valuable than an E-book or a digital form of content.

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    It is indeed true that a lot of authentic book stores are being shut down. Many reasons might contribute to it. And as the author suggests, online book or E-books are one of the reasons for it. However I also believe that there are many other reasons that lead to such demise. One of the reason is the busy lifestyles of individuals. It the past we had leisure time and would often spend it on reading time however as times has changed people are either too busy to bury themselves in a book or are occupied with other sort of entertainment. Therefore, the often don't buy books that are of no use for them. Many bookworms may still take time out to buy books, but with the spread of online sites, book are sold at such cheap rates that they prefer to buy it online rather than visiting a store which might be time consuming as well as expensive. Nonetheless, whatever might have caused the downfall of bookstores, it is still relevant and many like me prefer to visit stores just for the fun of it.
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