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    In the competitive world of today, smart people become leaders and steal the limelight.

    Smartness is something which is considered unique and smart people behave and dress in a certain way which is appreciated and sometimes others follow what they do. The smart people always wear neat clothes and stand upright which convey that they do not consider themselves inferior to others. That does not mean that they are egoistic. How do you define smartness which surely enhances a person's personality. Please give your views?
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    It is a fact that a person with smart look always steal he show. However, the smartness will become attractive if this is reflected in all aspects. Some people will look smart in their appearance, but once they start talking, the picture changes. Very often, starting from the voice, the usage of language, mode of behavior, the style of presentation, etc. help us to see the true person in him. Personality is not just the stature and attire.
    Sometimes. this will be reversed. A person may have an odd look, and will not be showing the minimum personality. But if he is allowed to talk, entirely a different personality will emerge. He may talk in a flowering language, fluently and will be attracting the attention of everybody.
    Hence smartness is not to be assessed from the appearance alone This is just my view point !


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    Smartness means to emerge out among the crowd. A smart person would always try to come on limelight. His behaviour and manners will impress the people around him and they would push him ahead and he would become their unannounced leader and whenever there is a common point to be told from that group they would ask him to coordinate with the external groups or agencies. These smart people very well know that the public has chosen them as the leader and if the people have any problem they would come to them only for getting it resolved. These smart people have a great quality of mixing with the influential people and they will use all sort of techniques to get near them and get the work done by hook or crook. The authorities also know that if they do not cooperate with these smart people then sometimes some problem would arise and these smart ones would escalate that in their direction only. So it is a type of black mail that these smart people do but it works nicely and their leadership positions are maintained.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The outward appearance what one make people smart. The attire what they use may give a good appealing for them. Even though appearance wise they may look smart but every such person may not steal the hearts of people. In addition to this, their expressing power, behavior and character also will attract people. For example, Gandhiji a simple person with his speeches attracted millions of people. Previously Rajiv Gandhi with his good behavior attracted all Indians. So, simply just appearance can't be regarded as smartness but overall personality also influence smartness.

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    Smartness in looks and smartness in behaviour is different and there is no relation between them. There may be some people who are smart in all respects.
    In a gathering, beautiful ladies and handsome gents will get the attention of all. But the importance of looks will get replaced by their behaviour as we start observing their behaviour. Finally, the person who is smart in all respects will steal the attention of all people.
    Smart people will always know how to get the attention and appreciation of others. They can easily manage any difficult situations also with ease and see that they will be successful. Definitely, chances are high for smart people to become leaders.

    always confident

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    Fortunately the todays generation are having good access to information, they are guided to the best things in life and by having the latest gadgets in hand they are well informed and keep with the trend. Gone are the days when we are not having any idea or iota of smartness and we were elders fear and behaving with constant reprimanding and therefore no scope for overtures to look smart and be smart. Whereas we see the youth, they want to have perfect dress selection as per the function or the events and they not compromise to look good and they are more photo conscious and wants to hog the limelight and they are prepared to even address the events impromptu and that proves they are prepared for any eventuality and this inclusive participation makes them smart enough and be in the competition with peer group.
    K Mohan
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    When it comes to competition, people are not able to differentiate between smart and clever people, it is not that being smart is bad, we have to understand both aspects of smartness. A smart person knows how and when he has to do his work, as well as he is able to identify not only the time but the right time and know-how to execute his plans at the right time. The same people who work smartly in the competition, first try to bring down others in order to advance themselves. We should be smart but keep ourselves away from qualities like cunning.

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