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    Does it ever happen with you, and how do you react?

    At times we come across people who are very annoying not intentionally but their behaviour, manner, way of talking and conversations bore and annoy you. It is not something they did that you make angry but you, in general, feel repulsive towards such person. You don't want to interact with them but when they try to be good you feel guilty for not giving them a place in life.
    Even though you just can't stand them around you. How do you handle such a person if such a thing happen to you? What do you do?
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    When you are unable to tolerate the behaviour of a person and found that person annoying why would you interact with the person? Only after a possible interaction, you can react and if there is no interaction between you and the person there is no reason to react. Let the person remain in her/his own way and you remain busy with your own activities. Later, if you find a change in the behaviour of that person and if you feel like interacting then start an interaction. If you keep on thinking or feel guilty because of not interacting with that person earlier it will serve no purpose other than feeling disappointed. What you did earlier cannot be undone so, if you wish to start interacting with a changed person do that without thinking about what happened earlier.

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    One should feel always happy to be with people who love you rather than with the people whom you love. This is a fact one should always remember in their life. If you are in the company of a person who loves you, he will be ready to help you serve and will be ready to do anything for you. When you are with a person whom you live. you should be ready to do anything. So what is the better option?
    Many times we come across some people who never bother about the feelings of other people but continue the way they like. Even though other people are not hearing what he is telling he will continue his talk. Such people may become laughing stock sometimes. Sometimes we have to think about the other person and even though we are not interested we may have to give some time to such people also.

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    It is true that we come across some people who are annoying. They do not try to annoy intentionally but we feel annoyed with them. It happened to me once and I talked to him in a rude manner. I did not realise that my behavior is also annoying. I lost my acquaintance with him due to my annoying behavior. It is always better to talk politely and try to avoid him without making him unhappy. We have to understand that we may also be annoying to other people. Do not be rude, be polite and try to avoid the other person.
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    Man is a social animal and we will find people with different types of attitudes and personality when we attend social and family gatherings. Tolerance is the best way of controlling oneself when you meet people of irritating nature. Not reacting and keeping silent should be practiced because you will earn a bad name if you show your anger.Although I try to follow the above principles, I do burst out sometimes when I find people talking ill of somebody openly. However, I think it is better to ignore the person when you meet next time in spite of trying to communicate with him once again.

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    This is a situation which many of us encounter in our lives. The human intellect and behaviour levels differ from individual to individual and there is a great variety of this which we see across a large section of society. If the behaviour and manners of a person are intolerable and unacceptable to us then the best thing is to avoid interaction with him until and unless he is a family member or a close associate without which we cannot survive.
    Let us see this from a different perspective. Suppose I go to interact and talk to some people who are at very high position with respect to me and are intellectually very superior to me and they feel same thing with me that we are feeling with the highly unacceptable people. Only thing is now we are at the other side of the fence. So how we would feel in such a situation? Same way as the unacceptable people will feel with us. There is no riddle or puzzle in it. This world is a cruel and shrewd place and there is no concern and respect for people who are below the requisite threshold in behaviour and manners.

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    Neelam, if someone is annoying and boring, the best way out is to avoid him. But, yes, but, you should be able to think why you feel so. Is it because he is really annoying or is it because he is not toying your line? It may be so. You may not like to interact with a person if he is not on your expected grid. If that be the case, it is not just his mistake, it is yours too. And why should you feel guilty for not giving him a space if he is really annoying? That means he has been annoying or irritable with respect to a particular incident or topic only. I don't think any one of us would entertain a person who is perpetually annoying. To be frank, I think it depends a lot on ourselves as to how we deal with people with different characters. We need to understand the psychology of the other person and deal with him accordingly. To continue the acquaintance or to do away with it should be a proper decision about which we should have no regrets in future.
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    It is within our reach how we should handle a situation having annoying and irritated behaviours. If it happens once or twice, that could be due to various reasons not known to us. Even the man with whom we are making interactions is not providing us any information which might be pinching him. If the same things happen repeatedly, why should we make further contact? May be the case might be of different nature and in your case, if you have some lent money due to your personal intimacy and the party is avoiding you because of the same reason, you need to take some appropriate step to get back the money, he owed.

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