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    Are the 'Freebies' really contemplated to uplift the poor and needy?

    I asked to myself what "contemplation" is while there were different interpretations of this word. But one meaning drew my attention that the word 'contemplation' reflects an action with long term vision. Immediately the word 'Freebies' came to my mind which is the success mantra of many politicians and political parties in this country. Every party and every leader is following the same suit and the leader or party with high credibility rate is sure to win. What he does later after the win is a different story, of course.

    'Padyatra' and offering 'freebies' to the poor have reached to the peak in these days and I doubt whether the real beneficiaries are enjoying the fruits. The delivery mechanism is more important to verify whether the real poor are getting benefitted. The schemes like 'PM Dhanjan Yojana' and various welfare schemes promoted by the State Governments like AP and Telangana seem to be working well as the beneficiaries getting their due to their Savings Account.

    But many people say such schemes may yield short term results but not contemplated with a futuristic plan. The reason behind it is that in many cases the beneficiaries are enjoying the fruits because of manipulation of documents and improper assessment of income by the ground level officers. In India everywhere you find beggars and I don't understand as to why no Govt. takes care of its eradication and extending the benefit of the Govt populistic schemes. Definitely there are some good programmes or projects that would benefit them but their implementation is a matter of concern,

    Is it to consolidate their vote bank and the parties are contemplated to win every election or really intended to help the poor and needy?
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    A good submission from the author. The inside thoughts of the political parties are different but they talk something different outside. If Indian politicians are really interested in uplifting the poor and needy, the condition of India might have been different as of today. A Chief Minister wants his son to become the next CM of the State. The Prime Minister of the country wants his/her family member to become the next Prime Minister. They want to be in power always. For that these freebies are designed. A major chunk of the money spent on these schemes will be swallowed by middlemen and the actual benefit going to the needy is very little. When there was a cyclone the government announced a relief of Rs.10.000/- rupees to each house that got damaged. But the actual amount received by the owner of the house is just Rs.3000/-. Nobody knows where that difference of amount has gone. These freebies will play an important role in elections as long as this vote bank politics will remain in force.
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    Yes, it is what is said in the above thread is true. Actually Mr.Jagan Reddy in AP probably giving most freebies in the country and for this he made AP exchequer nil. Every day his ministers planning to bring loans through various means and try to give freebies all these five years and so that they get elected again. This government giving the freebies through direct transaction into their accounts. But all the beneficiaries are not poor. Many of the beneficiaries who are living in buildings, government employees, rich people through fake certificates got free white ration cards. Not only poor but also rich people are getting these benefits. Ultimately the tax payers are bearing the cost of these freebies. Because of these freebies, the government is unable to spend money for basic developments and even unable to pay salaries to the employees in due time.

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    A thought proving thread by the author. The freebie culture is somehow not in a good taste. We should generate jobs for the people as per their capabilities and let them earn their bread with respect and dignity. Freebie simply means that I would give you freebies and you give me your vote. In long run it will create an army of people who will always be expecting freebies from the ruling party or assurance for the same by a party which might come in power later. Helping the poor just like that from the public money is beyond comprehension. It is if seen from a long time perspective is a wastage of revenue.
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    It was started in Tamil Nadu during the Pongal festivities that the govt would give groceries and rupees thousand to every family so that the new harvest festival would be held happily in every home. But that largess has turned to be habitual happening even during elections and everytime the parties vied with each other to give freebies in the form of portable tv, mixies, cycles, and even laptops, One thing is sure, whether these freebies are sponsored or given from the party funds are not known but every household in TN has been getting these from every party and their votes goes to the obvious candidate and others freebies gone waste. Having taken this into account the EC wants to put the cap on spending and each candidate need to show accounts of spending and even then the freebies menace would not end.
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