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    Have you ever thought of installing solar power to your house?

    In the present day world, electric power supplied through thermal power stations becoming costly and also we are facing lot of scarcity. For this, the government's also encouraging solar power by giving subsidies on buying solar panels. Of course, by buying solar panels for house, we can reduce cost on power utilization. But the initial cost of installation appears to be high. Have you ever thought of solar power for your house? Why? Why not? Do you think solar power is cost efficient? What are your thoughts about solar power for houses?
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    I have installed solar heaters for hot water and we get hot water through solar heaters only in our house. They are maintenance-free and we need not worry much about the performance. At that time we got some subsidy from the government and we spent only about some Rs.25000/- only towards the cost of the equipment. We are using these solar heaters almost for the last 15 years and I have not spent any amount on maintenance.
    At that time I gave given thought to solar power also. But I could not go for it as the initial investment is high. The equipment supplier those days not pushed for installing the same. The state government has not finalised their policy on this issue.
    But definitely going for solar panels is very good even now also. Extra power produced by us will be purchased by the government and they will pay for it. But initial cost is high and subsidies are also not much these days.

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    Yes, I have thought of installing solar panels on our rooftop but haven't done enough research. I have also heard that the initial investment is quite high but the interesting thing is for solar power we don't have to pay monthly electricity bills. This is one of the advantages of installing solar power. In locations where there are frequent power cuts, solar power can really help. The government is providing subsidies as encouragement and since solar power is an alternative source of energy that has no pollution we need to give it a good thought. A bit of initial calculation of the power requirement at the home and then talking to a professional is needed before installing the panels. Though the output is dependent on the amount of sunlight the solar panel gets its efficiency can be increased with a good design.

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    Solar power is becoming very popular in our country especially in the states where sunshine is available in plenty. State governments are giving a good subsidy on the purchase of a solar power plant and generally these are fitted on the roof tops. The initial cost of installing them might come in the range of 2-3 lacs after getting the subsidy. But the good thing is that state governments are allowing that power to be connected to their grid so that whatever extra production is there it will be bought by the government and then will be adjusted in the bill of the consumer. In Rajasthan state many people are having this facility and they are not paying any electric bill as they are generating good power from their solar power plant and giving it to the state government as per the existing procedure and rules and regulation in this matter.
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    The Kerala State Electricity Board has launched a scheme in which you can install solar panels on your roof tops and the excess electricity generated will be transferred to the main electrical grid and the payment will be adjusted to your monthly bill. The installation is subsidized and the KSEB will be responsible for the maintenance of the entire system for a period of 25 years. Though you will have to shed out a considerable (nominal when considered on a long term) amount, according to available space, the returns and facilities are worth giving it a try.
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