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    Who is good at multitasking? Ladies or gents

    These are the days of competition. The people who are smart and good at work only will sustain the competition and survive. Another development we are witnessing is the equal participation of women in almost all activities. They are giving good competition to gents in education and professional fields also. But gents are not able to perform that well in kitchens and still, ladies are only leaders there.

    Recently a survey conducted by a research house in the USA revealed that ladies and gents are equally good when they are having only one work on hand. But when they are multitasking ladies proved to be better than gents. Probably their experience in the kitchen gave them an edge in multitasking. What are your views?
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    Frankly speaking I have full faith and even seen with my personal experience that the ladies are having the knack and courage to do multitasking and this has been seen in the joint family wherein the daughter in law would attend to the in laws requirements, attends to the husband requirements and also make ready the children to the school and she alone drops them and pick up and also participates in studies and getting done the home work. Later she has to attend the kitchen, serve food for the family members and by the time she eats, its almost skipping the meal for the right time. Such is the hectic activities daily being experienced in many houses, and women stands as the epitome of all tasks and does the same with ease. And what is more disgusting is that instead of praise she is being criticised for not doing things properly and instant.
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    Multitasking is an individual quality. I do not think that we can generalize that a particular gender does it in a better way. I have seen some men very good at multitasking. At the same time I have found that some women are exceptionally good at multitasking. So in both the genders we will find some people having multitasking capacities as well as capabilities.
    When I was in my active service I found that some of my colleagues where able to do multitasking in a very efficient manner while most of us were doing things sequentially and got confused and perturbed if we were asked to do 2-3 jobs at the same time. One of our colleagues who was very smart used to ask the boss to give him more assignments and more jobs because he was not satisfied with what he was having in hand at that time. He was an expert multitasker. Boss was very happy with him and much impressed also.

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    Doing one work at a time is difficult and be it a man or woman are not perfect while doing so. However, when the question of comparison arises,as women are more hardworking and sincere by nature when it comes to multitasking. As the author has rightly said the women rules the kitchen wherein she does many things at the same time such as cu\chopping vegetable while the pressure cooker is on the gas stove,filling up drinking water,packing the lunch for the family members who go out to school or office and a few other tasks. Besides this, when though attend office,they work hard to complete the task given to them on the same day without keeping the work pending. Women are being promoted nowadays because of their assiduous work and trustworthiness in addition to perfectness .

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    If this question were to be selected in an objective form where only two options were given, then my answer would probably be female as the possibility is more in the case of women but since this is a forum section, I can explain my point here. Like many other cases, this case also depends from person to person. Some people have proficiency in household chores since childhood and it becomes in their habits to handle many tasks at a time, such people become multitasking over time. So the habits given from childhood are very important in this, and apart from this, the nature of the person which develops many times after growing up, in which some people like to complete more and more tasks in the shortest possible time. . People of this personality also do not take time to become multitasker.

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    Multitasking can be achieved with the same proficiency level irrespective of genders. However, it needs sufficient practice to handle jobs effectively while doing multitasking jobs. Ladies have the exposure of such assignments while getting their kids ready for the schools and at the same time they would take up the kitchen assignments preparing meals for their husbands apart for snacks for their kids. Such activities would need a lot of concentration and skills to accomplish the tasks successfully.
    In case of males working in any department, they, too, are as good as the ladies and are known for their efficient management in the fields of multitasking. Hence, it all depends upon the passion of an individual and both can be efficient in the multitasking.

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