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    Practising contemplation: Is it really difficult for everyone to do it?

    Nowadays, everyone is so busy in their lives that they do not have time for anyone, not even for themselves. They have either no time or very little time for contemplation. Sometimes people also find it difficult to contemplate. There may be different reasons for different people. Such as when a person contemplates a thing or an action, s/he thinks about it deeply, from various angles and for a very long time, its pros and cons, and then decides whether to do it or not. It takes both time and patience, so most people do not have the time to contemplate. 

    Apart from the spare time for contemplation, people also find it difficult to concentrate on and contemplate things. Because when we think about contemplation, we think about prayer, meditation, silence, etc. People usually connect contemplation and prayer with some divine or sacred person. In his book, Aristotle also refers to contemplation as "the highest human activity." Hence, most people think that contemplation can only be practised by saints. 

    Furthermore, based on the type of thoughts, contemplation may have different effects. If a person practises contemplation of positive things around him, then he can find peace and happiness around him. While, if he is engaged in contemplating negative thoughts, then he can never be happy. Hence, people usually avoid contemplating things.

    Contemplation is a very powerful virtue that gives the power of analysis and enhances mindfulness. It trains the mind to think and know the cause and effect of any action. It improves alertness and self-control. Actually, contemplation is a way of life. Though contemplation is not that hard to practice, and with regular practice, it can become a habit, some people may feel some difficulty. Yet efforts should be made to contemplate the development of a contemplative habit so that people can have complete peace and eternal joy in their lives.

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    But it is not wise to do any work without giving proper preparation. Sometimes the work carried out in a hurry may not result in the way we wanted. It is like travelling in a general compartment without any reservation. One should be ready to take all the pains required if he has to travel in an unreserved compartment.
    If we spend a little time on contemplation, we will save more time than what we have spent on contemplation. There is no loss in sparing some time on planning and making a route map for completing the work. That will give us a direction to proceed.

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    When the idea strikes the mind, then we indulge into the action and no matter whether we have prepared for the eventuality or not, we are ready for pro or anti reactions. But what the author suggesting is to have practice of contemplation is something very new and not acceptable. The author herself admitted that we have less time in our life and in that case having the rehearsal of contemplation cannot be possible. Moreover by doing the practise, sometimes we may even go through the tough time of understanding things and that would derail the very thought of contemplation. And there is wide difference between practising the positive and negative thoughts to which there cannot be same yardstick and same approach. So what I suggest that we must be fully aware of the consequence before indulging in contemplating.
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    Contemplation is such a thing that even in the mind of a busy person it will be going on in the background maybe in a less active mode. Human mind is very powerful and has got immense capacity of thinking, pondering and doing so many things simultaneously.
    However it would be better if a person does contemplation on a voluntary basis rather than it happening in the back of the mind. When we do it ourselves in an awakend state then contemplation is generally followed by a plan which could help us in getting our objectives achieved. So doing contemplation with an open and analytical mind would be a better choice rather doing it passively or keeping it in a dark corner of our minds happening by itself.

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    Why is contemplation not acceptable? The reality is that, whether we want it or not, we do contemplate everything. Most of the time, especially before taking any big decision, we contemplate every action. And I personally don't think that contemplating things/actions is very difficult and cannot be done. It is true that people make decisions in haste, but we all know the consequences of decisions taken in haste. Contemplation is the process of thinking about any action deeply for a long time. And when someone does this, it helps him understand right and wrong and decide accordingly.

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