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    When contemplation creates a web.

    Contemplation is good as it draws a solution to many of our problems but sometimes it creates a deep problematic web and our desires and passion are stuck inside that web trying hard like that insect to get outside but eaten by a spider of time as we are very late engrossed only in our web of thoughts. This generally happens in a dynamic world which is all about taking the first-mover advantage but when we are deeply contemplated sometimes we waste our time and another person takes our idea, leaving us behind. So, contemplation is good but our thought process and decision-taking power should be very fast because when we are late we have nothing left but to chuckle, " Oh! I was thinking about that idea."

    This is my entry for the TOW contest.
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    Too long time on planning is never advisable. These are the days of competition and the people who start at the earliest instance will be successful. But if we start without thinking even how to start, it will be like trying to learn to swim in the deep sea. So your contemplation of issues should also be fast and time-bound. You can't sit on the issue for a long time thinking about it. Minimum time should be effectively used to plan the proceedings. Then only you will not be a late starter. How precisely we have started is also very important in addition to how quickly we have started.
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    Nice creative post from the author connecting to the tow topic. When we contemplate new action, that needs to be fast and there cannot be any pause. If we pause then there would be other cause for the opponents to strike against us and therefore contemplating new ideas can even been thwarted. Like when insects are caught in the web the spider would eat at will as they cannot escape the glue for sure and the insects has to die. Same way when we contemplate hard thoughts, and when there is no way out, we also same fate of the insect. Moreover we should shift our priorities and not to waste time on those matter and issues which cannot be achieved nor there are any positive sign for change. One thing is sure as we are struck and taking time get out, others are closely watching and hijack our ideas for sure.
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