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    Age influences contemplation

    The age of a human being impacts the person's thinking processes. Life starts from being a newborn to death after getting old. Death can be premature too, but let's keep aside such exceptions, and it's known that life goes through three stages: childhood, adulthood and old age. Each level has some sub-stages. Thus, age determines thought processes, and they are bound to differ from person to person based on age group, and contemplation is one such issue.

    A growing kid never contemplates any issue until s/he reaches an age of certain maturity because they react according to their emotion and instinct. With each passing day, an individual becomes an adult and usually starts deciding through observation, a little contemplation and critical thinking. The scenario changes after some years when a person becomes old and begins depending upon others due to their lack of self-confidence. It is the age when contemplation is at its peak. Most of the aged people keep on contemplating because of their lack of involvement in day to day life due to ill health and other insecurities. Contemplation becomes a routine for them.

    Thus, age makes a big difference. The little ones do not contemplate, but adults, at times, constantly think regarding a few matters. In the case of people in their old age have a favourite pastime called contemplation. The brain and body of people remain most agile as a child, and with time when one becomes aged, it becomes slow, so contemplation creeps in.

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    Nicely said by the author that age factor is really influencing us through the thought process that would contemplate to take some decisions even risky and yet we have the guts and courage to face any eventuality with grace and drive successfully from the crisis. I do not think a child and the growing boy would have any plans to contemplate taking higher decisions in life as he was always guarded by the parents and their liking to have best possible life for the child. But the child tends to react once he attains the age of major and here onwards he tries to assert the right and responsibilities and that would make him to explore new pastures on his own and that kind of change in attitude even baffles the parents as they were thinking that child was too small to decide big things and this change of contemplation is the real happening.
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    The changing intensity of contemplation with age is a nice topic explained and presented by the author. An adult person is in the stage where he has to contemplate a lot about the things in his life. That is the time when one has to think about family, raising the family, acquiring the property, and many aspects of important nature in one's life.
    Of course these things differ from individual to individual as some people might contemplate more while others contemplate less. There could be many reasons for doing that like lack of responsibilities or more burden of responsibilities and things like that.

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    The way we look at various issues and things will change as we grow old. Maybe because of the difficulties we have faced or the experience we gained during the process of ageing is the reason for this change. As mentioned by the author the maturity levels of individuals change as they become aged. If a person has more difficulties in his life, he will look at everything in a suspicious way only. A person who never tasted any difficulty may not anticipate the difficulties and may take things easy. Some people start thinking, Can we do? But some people will start thinking about how to initiate? There itself there is a big difference.
    Age, experience, attitude. These three will play an important role in your thought process. That is why when an old man gives a suggestion, a young person may not like it or take it seriously. But as he grows old he may understand the importance of the advice given by the old.

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    A very thoughtful thread given by the author, when we were kids we just think not contemplation and even the thoughts of those days were also limited up to our wishes and desires to get new toys, dresses, or games. But after an age, our thought becomes more detailed and our visions are also more clear about things that happening around us. Age-wise our experiences have also grown and we learn many things from our experiences and mistakes which also give contribute to our contemplation, so I do agree with the author.

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