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    Statue of Equality and indifferent attitude of KCR

    When the world rejoiced with having witnessed the second largest statue having inaugurated by PM Modi at Hyderabad which was stated as the statue of equality because Saint Ramanujar stood for equal rights for all and gave equal importance 1000 years ago and that was his forthright thinking and our CM KCR who always says that he is champion of downtrodden and poor chose to skip the big event there by eroding the faith and trust of Telangana people. He may have difference with PM Modi but not at the cost of depriving the status and pride of Hyderabad that had when the statue was thrown open to the world. Very disgusting.
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    In political arena sometimes logic doesn't work. If you tell one thing then other person will counter with equally powerful other thing. If the Chief Minister of every state agrees with Central Govt in toto then Central Government will be very comfortable. Unfortunately it doesn't happen that way. Every state level politician will have its own vision about its state as well as country and he will accordingly visualise the things and present his ideas and comments on anything done by Central Government. It is not a new thing as we are seeing it happening for last 74 years.
    In a democracy such opposition is also required to some extent because if such things are not there then Central Government will do whatever it wants. But when such opposition is present central government will have a tough time and think twice to do anything of that nature. That is the point at which politicians at state level feel happy and feel pride of their power.

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    Mohan, did the world rejoice? Let us not exaggerate. What difference does it make if a statue is reveiled? Be it be of anyone? I do not intend to demean Saint Ramanujar but do you think his teachings have any impact on the BJP led center or our respected PM himself? If KCR chose to distance himself from the function, he must be having his political reasons just as Sri Modi must be having for making his presence felt.
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    Whether he likes it or not, as the Chief Minister of the State when the Prime Minister is coming to the state capital, he should meet him and say hi at least once. But the Chief Minister of Telangana preferred to avoid meeting PM. The reason told is fever and ill health to KCR. KCR is a regular visitor to the mutt of China Jiyar Swamy and both of them are good friends. Yesterday the inauguration was organised by Swamy only. But why KCR did not come there is a real question. These days BJP is gaining some importance in the state and TRS is worried about it. So, KCR at any given chance tries to criticize and talk bad about the BJP and PM. Probably that only made him not attend the functions that are attended by the PM. The surprise is that his deputy also not attended any event where PM was present yesterday. It is nothing but political enmity and these days that is common and all parties will do the same.
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    Saji, probably you are not aware of the colossal involvement and construction of 108 divya desam temples inside the complex and that is why it is the world rejoice to have darshan of all Gods at one place.
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