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    The sad thing about rainbows is that they fade out soon

    Rainbows are a great sight and a thing to rejoice. Everyone is attracted to the beautiful colours in a rainbow. The presence of a rainbow makes the landscape more picturesque and beautiful. The only sad thing about rainbows is that they fade out soon.
    If we compare the happy days in our lives with rainbows then we will find that sometimes we also have a limited good times in our lives and then we are thrown to face the challenges and adversaries of various kinds. So as a human being we should understand that if we have good time today there is no guarantee that it will always remain like that. Anything can happen anytime and we should be prepared for that. Keeping this basic thing in the back of the mind will always help us to fight and struggle in case we land in the lap of bad times. Please share your view points on this.
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    Very nice thread hoisted by the author this early morning and I am also at a loss to understand as to why the celestial happening in the sky lasts for few moments and the same thing has been compared with the human life as we tend to loose happy moments soon after enjoying the same for few minutes. Rainbows always enchanted us during the rainy season and we are all awestruck to see such happening farther in the sky. Same way when the good times are about to embrace us, we feel happy and think that it would be with us for much time. But sooner or later, the good times would also fade away, taking with it all the memories and good time we had spent, no matter it was for few minutes or days, and those good moments are always remembered during our bad time and that way we recoup and adjust with life.
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    Rainbow may not be lost long. But the happiness we get by seeing the same for a few seconds will be there in our minds for hours together. That moment will be remembered for a long time and whenever we recollect the beauty of the rainbow we will get back the joy that was stored in our minds.
    Similarly, we will also remember our good times for a long time. When we are in a different mood if we get into the thoughts of the rainbow which is there in the back of our mind and that will definitely make us happy. A human being will be active and healthy if he is happy. Definitely, we will have both good and bad days. On a good day, you will be happy only and on a bad day, you will not have any happiness. But if you feel that nothing will be permanent here and a good day will definitely follow a bad day. If you imbibe this thinking you can be happy even on a bad day if you recollet your past for a few moments your rainbow will be there in the mind and you can visualise the rainbow which we have seen for a few seconds.

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