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    Is DJ necessary or not in any festival or party?

    Nowadays, the style of celebrating any festival or party is totally changed. When we attend any party we see that people are enjoying dance especially Youth with DJ Sound but it is very bad for patients, students and our senior citizens. Due to the high sound of DJ students cannot concentrate properly on their studies.
    Is it right to use DJ at any festival or party?
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    Nice post from the author. Once I had been to a marriage of my marwadi friend and that was lavishly organized right from receiving the guest and even till the sending off the guest and the total marriage hall was agog with music and dance and the youth cutting across their gender tried to dance at their best and many failed to notice the marriage but graced the dances and even taken the video of the same. When I asked why they are skipping the marriage, and choosing to dance, one youth said that the entire video proceedings of the marriage would be shared in the group and they would witness the marriage with all family members at the home but by missing the dance with DJ in attendance is something which cannot be done. So the youths are organizing such events and they would have gala time to cherish the memories.
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    Any party or get together or function or ceremony means we should have fun and frolic. If we want to have fun then we should have some sources to create it. DJ is one of the sources.
    I remember during my childhood we used to have song recordings at the marriage venue. It was very common and a loudspeaker was put there which created a lot of noise and disturbance to the surrounding people. But it was the tradition at that time and there was no question that a loudspeaker will not be used at the marriage venue with so many songs being played out day and night. We had heard those song so many times that I still remember many songs by heart.
    In the modern era no one bothers for the privacy of others when it comes to fun and frolic. Whether it is a festival time or some function people resort to it with great rejoice and thrill.
    DJ thing is the latest fad in the society and there are many parties where without DJ they cannot imagine that a party can happen in noiseless environment also.
    One aspect is that when people have money then they start searching ways to spend it. They feel pride that DJ was available in their function. It is a great way to show off also.

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    There should be some fun at parties and celebrations. There are different methods to have entertainment. DJ is one such way of entertainment. During the marriage reception of my son, we organised a veena recital by a famous veena artist. People who attended the reception sat for some time to enjoy the music. These days young people enjoy parties by participating in dance and music activities. DJ is a recent addition. Many people feel having a DJ will be a silver lining to their party. All depends.
    There are some gatherings where all the participants will be asked to show the talent they have in any field like music or dance or acting etc. This will give a chance to the people who are in the process of learning various skills to showcase their talent and get motivated.
    It all depends on the liking and the thought process of the person organising the get-together and the party.

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    It is not a necessity but depends on the people organizing the event. When you go to a party you will not find anybody studying or a patient dancing. Parties or festivals organized in a specific location can use loud music in whatever form they want as long as the participants are not objecting or it is not disturbing the people in the locality. But if there is a procession then there must be some restrictions in the way music is played. Since a procession goes through various places it creates disturbances to others if loud music is played.

    I am providing one example that is followed in West Bengal during the Durga Pujas. During the immersion procession of the idols, there is a restriction on using DJ mixers since it creates powerful sounds and vibration not suitable for people having some health issues as mentioned by the author in the thread. While law enforcement authorities are there to look after the level of noise pollution we also need to be aware while playing loud music so that it does not create disturbances among the people.


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    @Bhattacharya sir
    I am not against DJ Sound.
    We all know that everything has rules and regulations but how many people follow the rules. it is true that noise pollution can affect our health but the organizer of any event never maintains sound in perfect Decibels (dB) which is mentioned in the regulation book.

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    I totally agree with the author in terms of the ill effects of DJ Sound. They just make life unbearable for neighbors unnecessarily. The organizer must have some sense of good manners to keep the DJ sound limited to the party or function. Why do organizers want the undesirable attention of neighbors? This is not desirable at all. There must be a system that keeps such DJs and organizers in some restriction.
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    The author is right, it's not only up to the students but also other people like elderly people or sick people not feel good in such noises. But again this is a matter which depends on person to person or we can say its depend on the community involved. In fact, before some days we were me and my siblings were planning something like that, we have an event and for this, we were arranging DJ but the place where the event is organizing is in quite a distance from the residential areas so it will not disturb anyone accepts people who will be joining us for the even. Enjoy your days is not a problem but the way of enjoyment should be such so it will not bother others.

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