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    Money or recognition, what is important? Which one is permanent?

    Getting noticed among a group is something prestigious and some people do not bother about earning money because being appreciated or recognized by others by people is important. They would work hard and do their work rather than bothering about the reward by way of money. Although some people feel this way, there are others who just want to earn money and do not bother about not getting recognized. What tops the list for you, earning a lot of money or getting the appreciation of people?
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    Earning money or getting recognition both are equally important in their own spheres. It depends on the context in which we are considering success by making money or by making reputation or recognition. I have seen some social and voluntary workers who are endlessly doing good for the society without expecting anything in return for it. They do not get any award or reward from the government also for their spectacular work. But they are relentlessly pursuing their objectives of helping others and improving the conditions in society. Though the number of such people is less but they are very well there.
    There are thousands of volunteer editors who are improving Wikipedia and today it has become the number one reference source in the internet. Anyone can become editor there. But when you edit and submit something then there are volunteering moderators who will reject your post until unless it is perfect and correct and you mention the source of information. Is not it amazing that such a big portal is just surviving on the work of volunteer editors?
    So many times we work just for our reputation and recognition also but most of the times we work for earning money.

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    Money or fame? Both are important. Money is important for our survival. Fame is not necessary for survival. So the answer one will give depends on the condition of the individual. A person who is very hungry may look around to find something that is useful to eat. Even somebody is praising him, never bothers but continue his search for food.
    Once the person has enough money to carry on, his attention will go for fame. Then he will think about how to get recognised in a crowd. He will spend some time if he thinks that he will get some recognition. There is another set of people who never bother about money or fame. They manage their life and try to help others to their possible extent without expecting anything in return. Such people may try to help others.
    These days we see a trend. Rich people will get recognised fast and they will become the centre of attraction in any gathering. So ultimately if we aim to become rich we may get fame also.

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    It entirely depends on the individual. While money will help one to purchase things for consumption, it will be mostly for personal use or to help some people. On the other hand, one gets recognized for the works because the works influence a lot and as long as the works are significant enough people remember that person. The interesting thing is whether you are working to get noticed or you are really interested to do something that will create a good impact. You don't have to try to get noticed if your works impact a large section of people but there are also people who are more interested to get noticed rather than creating impact. I think in those cases that fame doesn't stay for long. Money is something that someone owns so it creates no difference to others lives if one has enough money. Money and recognition both have their own values but cannot be equated.

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    Both money and recognition are important for a performer. What is the use of giving glorifying medal and not giving any cash rewards to the achiever is something does not connect with the quality of appreciating performance. Even in ISC we have points, cash credits and also citation goes hand in hand to reveal who was performer, the second best and so on. While recognitions are the base for our future accolades and performance, the money what we earn at the early stage are always valuable as we would know the value of earning and also indulge in savings. That is the reasons those who saved through the life are the winners at the fag end of their life and they need not depend on anyone or any source for money. My contention is that recognition with some money as the reward is the befitting reward.
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    Both, fame and money are both of utmost importance to the men of today. We would love to recognised by people we don't know, and be appreciated. We would enjoy money and there is amount we would be satisfied with ever. Therefore organically both are very important in humane nature. However personally when it comes to what is permanent, I believe it is money that could stay with us as long as we would want. Fame doesn't really stay for long, it is just a period of time when someone else would come along and gain more popularity and would hold your fame and everyone would forget about you. It is the money that you earn, which you can keep to yourself, be a smart spender and live in luxury while saving necessary money.
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    Both money and fame are equally important for all of us. It is the human instinct to get recognised and recognition is always a motivating factor.This rather opens up the avenues for deeper thinking in the job one is doing. As a result, there is further swelling of money in one's coffers apart from appreciation from the different sources for the performance. If one is not paid suitably, the motivating factor would drop and in that situation the contributions would not attract any more to one's lover.
    There are people who may not be categorised as money hankering people but they have the passion to display their best creations winning applications from the people for one's devotion. They are really the gems proving best outputs regardless of money.

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