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    How many of you are still availing laundry services

    During my college days, a person used to come to our house for collecting cloths for washing. Our uncle use to note the item wise number of cloths in a notebook. After a few days he would bring all the cloths and after checking with the note book we used to pay him. Later, after coming to Chennai, we wash our cloths ourselves and very rarely rely on laundry shops. How many of you still avail the services of laundries?
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    Laundry service is still being used by so many people in our country especially the middle class who do not have a full time servant for doing the household goods. With the advent of washing machine and it being a common gadget in the houses some people are using it for washing their clothes and only give to the laundry man for ironing and that also in limited basis otherwise most of them are doing ironing themselves.
    In my housing society there are 4-5 laundry men who daily come and collect clothes for washing or ironing from the different houses and give them back after two days and collect the money on monthly basis. In some families washing machine is there but as the husband and wife both are working they don't use their washing machine and if they use then it is occasionally only and give their clothes to the laundry man only.

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    We use laundry services. Our servant maid will wash the clothes every day. Then once a week the laundry person comes to our house. We will also note down the details of various clothes that are being given to him for ironing. But we are not using a book and pen. We have a WhatsApp group for all our family members. We note down in that group and posted in the group. The next the laundry person will bring the clothes back, whoever is there in the house will verify and calculate the amount and give the money. Weekly once it will happen.
    Many people are using this facility in Hyderabad. Many apartments will have a watchman. Generally, they will do this laundry service also. The majority of the families living in that complex will use him for this and it will be a way to get a good additional amount to the watchman. In villages still, there are people who carry th clothes wash them. iron them and return back. But in cities, only ironing is being done by these people.

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    In those days there was laundry services in our colony and for each pair they used to charge 1.50 rupees and we used to give for entire family and they would wash the cloth including ironing it with starch. But in those days we used to wear lots of cotton clothes and ladies used to have nine yards sarees. But these days, the clothes are changed, washing machines has come which wash and dry it half way and we have to just put the clothes for full drying in the air. And ironing is done at the home and each one of us would do their own ironing and there is no question of giving to laundry services. During pandemic such services are never solicited for obvious reasons and those who were giving for laundry were also stopped for obvious reasons and therefore the laundry service has become rare and thin.
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    An advertisement appeared last month in a leading newspaper about a laundry company which would come home and collect clothes for washing and ironing and drop them back. But the company asked the customers to become members and pay some money in advance. I am sure many would have availed this service. The cost of ironing I felt was much higher than the local person who irons the clothes at a reasonable rate. I am sure in future there will be washing machines which would not only iron clothes and air dry them but also there would be a provision of ironing the washed clothes and push them out of the washing machines neatly.

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