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    Being indispensible is important in life

    Have you ever thought how important is it to be active as an individual? There is a famous quote which says that if you can't make a difference with your presence your absence will not matter at all. Life can teach you so many lessons and one among them, I feel, is the importance of being indispensible. You need to perform different roles, as the world is a stage as Shakespeare had said, to make your presence felt. As a father, son, brother, brother-in-law, mother, sister, husband, wife and so on, the relationships are unending and so are the responsibilities and obligations connected to it. You would be able to sustain and retain the status only if you prove that you are unavoidable. Once you make it known that that any of these relations can carry on without any support, financial, emotional or otherwise, from your side, you would become a non-entity. The world is only for those who matters. I am not generalizing, but do you agree generally?
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    This world is for the smart, hard working, intelligent, and brave people. There is actually no place for the inactive and dull people here. People only recognise us and give us cognizance only when we are important to them in one sense or another. For becoming important in the eyes of family members as well as other people is not so easy. Only those who can exert and help others can reach that type of status.
    It is said that no one is indispensable in this world. But there are some exceptions whose absence is immediately felt and alternatives are searched quickly and even in emergency mode. The interesting thing is that sometimes the replacement is not available because the one which was searched was far below the level of the earlier person who was supposedly an indispensable type of person.
    In every organisation, small or big, we find some people, though their numbers might be less, who are very good not only in their work but their colleagues and other people come to them asking help and advice from time to time. They are the inevitable ones.

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    There is a saying in Telugu that means that everybody will respect the boat driver as long as they are in the boat. Once they are out of the boat and reached the other side of the river, nobody remembers the boat or the boat driver, This is the nature of the world. The author is very correct. When you are indispensable only people will care for you. This is the general tendency.
    Only when there is a need people will remember you or recognise you. Otherwise, you are a nonentity for them. When we are in a position that has many powers, people will come to you searching and somehow try to tell you how closely they are related to you or how deep;y they have friendship with you. But after a few days, once their work is done, their equations will change and you may not be a relative to them also, That is why people say all these relations and friendships are more of commercial nature.

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    Only a handful of people in today's world of technology are indispensable because instead of seeking help from a person many persons take the help of the internet. Despite this,there are some individuals who are revered by the members of family and their absence from home even for a few days pinches them hard and when they return home the family becomes even more closer. But,when the same person becomes old, dull and lethergic in future,I am afraid the indispensable person might become disposable.

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    Many think that their presence does not matter in the crowd of others who are intellect and most knowledged persons, but being in the crowd is the way of participation and cheering those who have accomplished something or the other. And by shying away from the responsibility and presence proves that we have short of our own expectations and that must be avoided. We may not be a adviser or the mentor nor we have the financial ability to support others, but we have the emotion and appreciating capacity by understanding others and that is enough to give a pep to those who are the achievers and cheer them to more success. When you do not react to the things, you are considered as jealous and that wrong impression should not happen. Be the first person to appreciate others for good work and be silent for their failures.
    K Mohan
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