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    Aged people on the increase

    Recent statistics show that the number of aged people is on an increase world wide. At the same time the number of children is showing a decreasing trend. At present the estimated number of the aged above 65 is 70.30 crores as per UN estimates. By 2050 UN expects this to be 150 crores. In 1990 six percent of the total population were above 65 years of age. This became 9% in 2019. It is estimated to be 16% by 2050.
    Majority of the aged will be in Asian countries. At present the estimate is 26 crores. Based on the present trend it could be 57crores. One out of three will be aged above 65 in Asian countries, inJapan 28%, Italy 23%.
    The maximum estimated increase, 226% is in North African region. The life span is also showing an increasing trend. The figures in 2015 -  2020 period is that among those who are of age 65 or more live 17 years more. The same by 2050 would become 19 years.
    10.1% of the population of India (13.8crores) are aged. By 2030 this is expected to be 19.4 crores (13.1%).
    Among States in India Kerala has more aged people (16.5%). Tamil Nadu (13.6%) and Himachal Pradesh (13.1%) are next in line. Bihar (7.7%) and UP (8.1%) are in the bottom.
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    Sankaran sir, having provided the statistics, what do you feel? Having elderly (aged) parents/ grand parents/ in-laws at home was cherished till a few years back and, may be, to some extent till date. Do you think the mindset of society is still the same? Again, why do you think there is a decline in the younger population? Is it a healthy and encouraging trend? How would we, as a society, be able to deal with this development? Kindly elaborate.
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    The author of the post has provided some statistics attracting our attention to the increasing number of aged people worldwide. In many countries there is a population control either from the government side or by the people themselves voluntarily and the result is that the number of children is not increasing in the same proportion as the number of people getting aged day by day. There maybe some apprehension about this situation but seeing from a practical point of view if we take care of the aged people through old age homes or through the traditional joint families then there is absolutely nothing to worry about this pattern. Only apprehension could be about the reducing number of workforce in future if the number of children are not increasing or remaining constant with time. Except a few societies in the world most of the societies are going only for one or two children per family. In spite of all these observations the population of the world is increasing and that is not a healthy sign because when people don't get food, shelter, and jobs then they start disturbing the other people who are well off and that is the starting point of conflicts and confrontations which can sometimes lead to war like situations.
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    Family planning is the root cause of the decrease in the percentage of children.
    Health consciousness among the people and the developments in the health care industry are the reasons for this growth of the percentage of aged people in society. Probably for this reason only the retirement age for government employees is increased from 55 to 58 and then to 60.
    If the number of children is decreasing slowly in the coming years we may see a reduction in the percentage of young people. They are the real productive people in society. An old man can guide but may not execute. So is it that we all have to think of increasing the birth rate? Again that will rive many other problems like unemployment etc. The average life expectancy is also on the increase.
    My worry is more about the decrease in the percentage of children. I think this percentage should not come further down.

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    Though the population of the people on the increasing trend definitely but it is also true that there is a decline of the population of children and young men. This is because of compliance of family planning methods being used by the couples to limit their families. It is their own concern to have one or two kids because they cannot afford much for a large family. In some countries including America, the old people are taken care of by providing them old age homes but the same facility is not available for all the seniors in other countries.
    However, the trend of decreasing of population of children is the area of concern for some countries giving rise to scarcity of manpower in the time ahead.

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    Nice compilation of statistics by the author and it is the fact that aged people are increasing across the world and in India also we find seniors moving around amidst the crowd of youth. India being the most conscious nation as regards to house hold remedies and having good eating habit for the elders, it is seen that those who are seniors they stick to time management as regards to their living, eating and sleeping and therefore keeping good health. Most of the elders are aware of their health consciousness and wont do anything that are detrimental to their health. And they are most self reliant and does not depend on others either for finance or help and try to mend their ways on own unless and until they become more sick or bedridden. Really this trait is only seen in India and not in other parts of world.
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