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    Why do we worship Sun?

    We all know almost all ancient religions worship Sun as their diety. They have their own reasons for this. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians etc also worship Sun as the creator along with Indians.

    We all know that the source of energy is Sun. Animals survive by eating grass. Grass comes from plants. Plants are giving oxygen that is essential for the existence of human beings on this earth. Plants are generating oxygen while making their food using sunlight through photosynthesis. If there is no Sun, no plants. No plants no oxygen. No oxygen no human life. Our living on this earth is fully dependent on Sun. This is a fact none can deny. That is why irrespective of our religion we all worship God.

    I think Sun is the only God whom we can see. He is the God universally accepted. What are your views?
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    Sun is the most powerful entity in our solar system. There are many suns in this universe and so many stars that we see twinkling in the night sky are actually suns but they are so far from us that we do not feel their impact on us as we are affected by our own Sun. Earth and other planets of our solar system are revolving around the Sun as they are bound to it by its huge gravitational pull. If Sun is moving in a path in this universe then all the planets move along it in that path. Sun is very huge and massive body and it has enough material to burn through nuclear reactions and would be giving us light for billions of years to come. With that much of power and capacity storage in it we have to accept that it is a heavenly body and that is why it is considered as God by many cultures and societies across the word. Many people in the morning come out of their houses and bow to this mighty body hanging in the sky like a fireball. They believe that by doing that it would give them power to struggle in their lives. In our scriptures Surya-Namaskar is mentioned as the best Aasan to be performed in the morning for well being and good health.
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    Why we worship the Sun ? There are many reasons for that and the first and foremost being the living God and seen through the naked eyes and we are daily experiencing the need of the sun and that has become unstoppable presence for the good of universe. Be it any season or any reason, sun would never stop in duty and we must learn the consistency trait of the sun that even behind the concealed clouds, the sun keeps peeping in now and then and there is no rest from the day it started appearing for the earth. That is why we must pray everyday morning and seek blessings because sun is the savior for the human being and for the animal kingdom and sun makes the balance of nature by adjusting its duty routines. Suppose when it was flooded, we heavily depend on sun to appear so that drying takes place for sure.
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