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    Parting private land for govt cause and not getting recognized ?

    Yesterday I met a elderly person and during discussion he was describing as to how their land on the main road abetting the highway was taken over by the govt, not giving the right compensation, promised to keep the construction in the name of their fore father, and after formalities and construction, the govt failed to honor every promise. Parting the private land for government cause is great trait and none would agree for free and at least the govt must have given credit as the donor in the name of their ancestor, and the family is now fuming at the govt. They parted with 6 acres on highway for nothing ?
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    The compensation rate from one place to another differ significantly and depend where the land is existing. In remote and unpopulated areas the land rates should be less while in towns and other populated places it might be higher. So that aspect is making the difference in in the payment of compensation and some people are not happy about it. So from this it follows that government should make a uniform policy of compensation because many people keep the land in the hope that there will be appreciation in its price and then they will get a good return.
    As per the rules and regulation in the matter government can acquire any land for a project which is for the progress of the country and welfare of the people. So it is not possible to oppose or resist the land acquisition by the government for its developmental projects.

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    But here the govt not even mentioned the donor name on the building that has come up on the same land.
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    The government can acquire land from anybody if it is required for a social cause by giving suitable compensation to the owner of the land. This rate may be as per the market rates as decided by the government. This may be not as high as what we get when we sell it privately. But we can't say no to the government. In the case mentioned by the author, probably the government market rates might have been less and hence they might have got less compensation. As the government paid money to the party, they will not be considered donors. If no compensation is given then only the landowners will be treated as donors.
    My relative is having some land near Hyderabad adjacent to the railway track and Railways took that land and paid money as per the market rate only. There is no way we can resist or complain. If there is any written evidence about the promise made by the government, the person can go for a court case

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