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    Do you observe fast periodically or during festival times?

    As per the culture and tradition many people in India observe fast on a regular basis or on the festival days falling now and then. It is an age old practice and still going on in the society in a big way. It is believed that observing fast cleans our internal body systems as well as our minds and helps in keeping us healthy. Some people observe fast once in a week while many others observe it only on the festival days.
    Do you believe that observing fast is beneficial for our health and we should go for it? Is it a precautionary measure to keep ourself ailment free? Do you observe fast? Please share your experiences and thoughts on this aspect.
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    Though I like to fast periodically and for festive times, by diabetic history does not permit me so, and therefore have to take some food or the other to keep the healthy life. It has been generally said that at least every fourteen days there must be two fastings and that would overhaul our body and functioning of the organs to much extent. In fact I appreciate 12 hours fasting during the Ramzaan festivities and that would work out to 15 days fasting during that month. Just remember that the whole year they would eat Non vegetarian foods that are hard and even not digestible and during Ramzaan the meat usage is less and thus they go in for total behavioral pattern of the body to mend its ways and comes to the original terms. But not all the faiths are doing the fasting during the festivities and that is questionable.
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    Once in a while fasting will be good for the body and the functioning of the system. That is why our ancestors advised this once in a while fasting clubbing the same with some spiritual reasons. Many Hindus prefer to go on a fast on Ekadasi which is the 11th thidi as per the Hindu calendar and it will come once every 15 days. But on that day also they take limited fruit once during the day time after 12 PM. In our house, we have the tradition of going for a fast on this day. That means we will do fasting once every fifteen days. In addition to that, we all are having the habit of not eating anything on Saturday at the night. We will not consume even fruits at that time. Some may drink some buttermilk.
    As per the doctor's also, it is better to stop eating once in a while so that the system will get cleaned. But some people these days will not eat sufficient food on any day saying that they are gaining weight. But that may lead to problems afterwards. So it is better to eat normally and have some physical activity so that you will have good mental as well as physical health.

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    Observing fasting at least once in a week would definitely enhance the metabolism of the body since there is the the chance of the body to loose weight in that way. However, we must ensure that that at least warm water followed by lemon juice must be taken so that there is no chance of acidity which we might encounter as a result of prolonged fasting. Fasting helps even on reducing our weight.
    However, for some people suffering from gastric issues or suffering from diabetes, prolonged fasting is not desirable. They would be required to follow the instructions of their family physicians. For the diabetic people taking dinner at 8 pm sharp and taking breakfast in the next morning by 8 am would be highly beneficial. In that they can maintain fasting for at least for 12 hours without facing any health issues.

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