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    Why are nursery rhymes in English the same ones for decades which have been taught in Indian schools

    Nursery Rhymes are very interesting and when toddlers narrate them to us with a lot of expression and actions who does not enjoy them? However, why are new rhymes not taught to them ? It has been Jack and Jill, Pussy cat, Hickory dickory dock, Johnny Johnny ? Will the schools add new ones to their syllabus? When will this change about to happen? Any idea?
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    Even I was wondering as to why there was no change in nursery rhymes for decades and every child follows the set rhynes and of course they are attractive, rememberable and easy to say. Probably for that reason those rhymes are not changed. But most of the names in the rhymes are foreign names to which our rural students has to learn, and why not at least change the names to Indian names and that would have the belongingness for sure. Fortunately those old rhymes have created in such a way that children get attracted with the illustrations that made and the words are easy to remember and memorize. Thus even the Indian scholars felt not need to change the old patterns of rhymes and let it continue. At least now when everything asked to be changed, there must be Indianized rhymes for our children.
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    These days we are seeing many new videos on the internet in which various new Rhymes are being heard. Of course,all of them may not be a part of curriculum in schools. The schools may be teaching the same rhymes due to their popularity.
    Not only rhymes, the words that they teach to make the kids understand also are same for a long time. Probably these rhymes and words are very suitable for the children to know the pronunciation of various English words and also the ascent also may be understood easily to speak by repeating these rhymes. Probably they are not able to find suitable rhymes to replace these old rhymes that are very popular and very apt for the children.
    As parents, we can also try and see if any useful and good rhymes are available on the net and we can teach them to kids.

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    Nursery rhymes should br simple and easy for the children in a rhythmic way. The old rhymes were so popular and are easy for the children to sing. Nowadays new rhymes are also appearing in media and some of them appearing in the present day books. In our times we used to have our local Telugu rhymes we used to sing are very funny and make children laugh while singing. By singing together they help us to learn language. But slowly in Telugu such good rhymes were replaced by new rhymes

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    There are certain items like nursery rhymes, morning prayer in school, community bhajans etc which remain same for a long time. It is very common for these items to sustain and prolong for decades together without any change in them. The interesting thing in this matter is that if you want to change them then you will find that the earlier one was the better one and again you resort back to that.
    In our native place when I was in my school we used to observe many marriage processions going through the town but one thing was common and that was the band. The music band had only one or two tunes and they made it during that ceremony. We were so much accustomed to hearing that music that just by hearing that we were knowing that some marriage procession is going on. Later, when some new bands came with filmi songs and new tunes then the pattern changed after a long long time.

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    Niharika, could you suggest some rhymes that can replace the old ones? I think it would be a difficult task. The old rhymes are so childlike and can be related to by any kid and that is the reason why they could hold on for such long. Just imagine Humpty Dumbty sitting on a wall and having a fall or Jack and Jill going up the hill and Jill coming tumbling is such fun and so connected to the children that we are not yet in a position to imagine replacing those. Hope you remember learning the alphabets by singing ABCD..EFG in that famous tune. I would love to have that innocence remain with our kids forever.
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