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    Difference between the winner and runner up

    A winner is one who has surpassed the performers and be in top by virtue of his earlier performance and also ahead with the present lead performance. Whereas the runner up is he second best and also need to be recognized for being in the striking range of a winner. While a winner has already achieved the name and glory and also fame and there cannot be further achievements, whereas the runner up has the chance to surpass the winner and can thus make big difference. For both of them maintaining the consistency is very important otherwise the third in race may cause the surprise.
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    Winning one time is OK. But maintaining the winning streak requires a lot of practice and keeping fit. This is the same for all including the winner and the runner up also. If the winner thinks that nobody can beat him. that will be a starting point for his decline. The runner up may become the winner or the person in the third position may also win. To remain competitive one should be always performing and getting updated. If we are not getting updated and if we are not able to maintain the spirit we may be lost in the race.
    Another aspect is that a person who lost this time may focus and practice and may come out as the winner in the next competition. This is how the winning persons and teams will differ from time to time.
    I am not able to understand the difference between the winner and runner up in the subject matter written by the author.

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    Today there is very tough and cut throat competition in this world in every sphere of life and it is not easy to become a winner or runner or even the number three. They are so near to each other that even a small difference can make a drastic change. Nowadays in many competitions if the score of the last selected person is say 92/100 then there will be hundreds of people sitting at score of 91. So things are really very difficult at the present juncture where a large number of qualified candidates are struggling to compete with each other in a narrow band. In this situation the top of the lot will aways be under stress and pressure because the gap being small anytime they can be overtaken by the candidates just following them. Parents are also under pressure that even after doing so good their children are not getting the top positions.
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    Winning one time is not the guarantee that the same performance will be repeated again, To win constantly one should have the positive spirit apart from familiarity of the ways leading to success. Moreover, concentration and devotion are equally important to achieve goals.The same thing applies for the winners and runners up.
    One thing is really important that one should not be complacent once one attains goal. Updating of knowledge in the related area should also be maintained so that that there is no chance of defeat in the next time.
    Even if there is a failure in the next attempt, there should not be negativity for long but should oneself gear up for success for the next attempt. There might be the variance of sequence of members depending upon success. May be some members might be dropped due to the defeat of some members and now a new matrix has developed. That is how a winning member and the team differs.

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    Absolutely. I do agree with the author. The winner has indeed gained a lot of recognition and glory however the runner up still have a ladder to climb and achieve their goals. However it is also important to notice that in era where one is forgotten ever so easily, it is even important for a winner to keep winning to be relevant, once lost they might lose all the glory they've earned. As for the runner up, their glory exists in the hard work and how close they are to the win, a little effort and they might be the one being in center. The similarity, what i would like to add between the runner up and winner is the continuous struggle, efforts to be relevant and glorious. Even if the runner up never wins he will still be successful however if the winner loses there might be a lot of backlash. Therefore it is always a tug of war.
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