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    Does the movies instigating to do more crime in depicted ways ?

    In one of the most famous movie of latest time in Telugu and also remakes in many languages shows how to smuggle goods and the idea has flashed to the masterminds of real smuggling and they enacted the same way as shown in the film. The Chittoor police has caught a van which was supposedly stacked tomato crates in vertical loading and while crossing the checkpost, the forest officials got doubt and indulged in full checking to find that below the tomato stacks, they created another compartment and smuggled red sanders through them. The truck and the driver were arrested for emulating filmy style smuggling.
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    That movie has become a controversy in many aspects. Last time we had a thread in which this movie was referred. By seeing this movie two teenagers killed a young man using the methodology used by the main character of this movie.
    Now, some people used the technique two smuggle goods. But the police are also smart and they might have also seen the movie. So they are able to anticipate the way of smuggling and caught the smugglers.
    This type of movie can do a lot of harm to society. By seeing the hero doing all illegal activities, youth think that they will also become heroes if they do such activities and finally become Zeros in their lives.
    One should not take these movies as good to follow. They are for entertainment. Just to watch and enjoy. Otherwise, we will and in problems and especially they may spoil the younger generation more. Good points shown in the movies will never get into our minds. Only negative points as mentioned above will go into the minds.

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    There are some people who learn things from everywhere for doing criminal activities in different different ways to avoid and confuse the police and other enforcing authorities. So it is not only the movies from where they get ideas. The people who are there in the field of crime for a long time have enough experience to perform the crime in the best possible manner dodging everyone in wrong directions. They learn all the tricks and techniques from their seniors who are always encouraging and motivating them for criminal activities.
    There are a number of detective and suspense books where a large number of plots are there for carrying out criminal activities. Some activities are so meticulously described in those stories that one can simply mimic them to get his evil plan executed without a flaw.
    The movies by the master craftsman Alfred Hitchcock are the true examples of this learning lessons in doing crimes and their detection. It is the criminal mind which can take clues and ideas from various sources including the modern crime movies.

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    The concern of the author for society is quite genuine and I also agree up to some extent but not completely. Certainly people do this, not only crime but we can find many more examples where people get to know the ways through films. It is difficult to say how much it is possible to prevent it, but in some cases, restrictions are necessary, when the crime is giving direction to a big negative result. But we can see it in another way also, it may be that this method of crime is already in trend, where people are committing such crime but other people are unaware of it and through the movie others Or did the general public get to know about it. It may be right to say anything one-sided. We can't even blame the film industry in every case, but it's not fair to be completely arbitrary. This can be a very diplomatic matter which also covers many views.

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    But the forest officials confirmed that they came across such kind of idea now only.
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    Many people think that the positive effect of cinema is much more than its negativity. If someone thinks that the movie is real and commits a crime, it means that he has a problem in his mentality. He needs treatment. The movie can't be blamed for that. It is true that what is happening in society is in a sense reflected on the screen. Cinema may have a little more effect on the youth and youth who are deprived of the light of education. They are engaged in these activities. However, I do not know the responsibility of the directors in this regard. In the midst of various influences, portraying reality on the screen in a responsible manner has become a big challenge for today's artists and directors. They should work keeping in mind the interests of society. Because the impact of the movie series on the general audience is immense.
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