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    Politics should not restrict to just malign others instead they prove their mantle

    When we talk about center or state politics there has been heavy dose of personal maligining and digging into past misgivings and thereby even wasting the time of Parliament which seems to have become non entity these days. Politics should not restrict to personal demeaning of each other, instead the parties should go ahead with their performance charts and let the people decide who is best and who must be retained. Just for the sake of making statements, the politicians are stooping to low ebb of personal character assassination and that does not augurs well for democracy.
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    Yes, nice post from the Author. In the practice of democracy, politicians should not get involved in debates about their personal lives. The politics of politicians slandering each other is a continuation of the politics of the military dictatorship. Everyone has to come out of this. Besides, there is no reason to harm society due to the indecent remarks of the MPs. If politicians have to keep the political arena transparent and practice democracy, there can be controversy, I don't think there should be any debate about how bad a leader is and what their personal history is. Politics is at a very high level in personal life. So it is desirable to correct it by evaluating oneself without criticizing others. Only then will good governance come in a real sense. So it is very instructive for today's politicians.
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    Voters are very conscious these days and they wont give credence to personal mudslinging.
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    That is how the present state of politics is in India? The rulers in Andhra Pradesh went down to a much alow level made unnecessary allegations on the family of a veteran leader and a person who made Hyderabad as a city of IT Chandrababu Naidu was also in the Assembly and made him leave the assembly with tears in his eyes.
    This is just an example and many such issues are there.
    There is no constructive criticism these days in politics. Everybody wanted to be in power. The reasons may be different but everybody wants power. So their concentration is always on that only. But never think about the progress of the country or the position of citizens. They know how to get votes. they think. They never talk about what they propose to do for the betterment of society instead they talk about the works carried out by others. But they never suggest what is to be done?

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    It is very common to see politicians alleging others and making their own image clean. Whether it is the parliament or some rally or some political function or some political meeting or anything of that sort these things are seen so frequently happening. It is not in a good taste but unfortunately it is happening in our country in a big way.
    Many politicians make their speeches in an offending and aggressive ways and want to prove that the other party or the other person had done blunders and mistakes while administrating the state or the country whatever be the case may be. By doing that they will simply malign the reputation of the other person. Many gullible people think that whatever the politician is telling about his rivals is true and they are carried away with that thought process.
    Strictly speaking no one should be allowed to malign the image of other person. If there is an allegation let the investigating authorities and enforcement directorate find out the truth in those allegations.

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