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    Most of the money invested across the world on Military arsenal

    Probably there is no country in the world which can claim that they are peace loving, does not have military or arsenal with them and they are not interested in other countries or their affairs and therefore they need not fear of enmity. But the fact is that super powers are grouping with weak countries and making their presence felt either to use their land or air base to have formidable war approach to enemy countries and thus establishing their supremacy. The way much money across the world spent on military requirement speaks volume about it.
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    This is one of the foolishness that most of the countries whether big or small wasting their money on military arsenal. Even the countries facing acute shortage of funds for basic needs of the country, they are spending valuable money for acquiring arsenal. Actually Pandit Nehru framed Panch sheel for peace of the country. Really it helped our economy on large extent as India always friendly with all neighboring countries. This will avoid wars between the countries. If this policy is followed by all the countries of the world and really that makes all countries wealthy and prosperous. But because some big countries want to show their supremacy by proclaiming large military arsenal and that makes other countries to follow the same. Some big countries making good business by selling military arsenal to smaller countries. Building arsenal by countries always leads to enemities among the countries.

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    When the neighboring countries have finger tip on the nuclear button, then the spending on security has to be sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. Almost all countries are spending huge money on the defence department of their country. This is mainly due to the fear of some other country coming and occupying their land. Another reason is to show the world that they are supreme powers in the world.
    If Pakistan and China are friendly with India, we can decrease the expenditure on defence. But that situation is not there. Like these problems with the neighbours will make the countries to spend more on defence,
    Compromising on the rights of the country and handing over the country to neighbours may not be liked by many people and every country wants to have its own independence.
    To promote peace only UNO is formed but there also, some powerful countries are having a special say and they are managing the issues as they like. So the system will go like this only and the countries will spend huge money for the military and poor people continue to die with hunger.

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