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    Do you ponder before buying a gadget?

    Nowadays markets are full of gadgets and household goods. There are number of options available for selecting a gadget for doing a work. Various models of washing machine, vacuum cleaners, robotic floor cleaners, geysers, fans, water purifiers, furniture and fixtures, tablets, mobiles, laptops, book readers etc are being offered by the shops and various promotional schemes are being presented to lure the customer to buy that product.
    So far so good but at the end of the day when we buy that item then sometimes we feel that it was not at all required in our house. It will not be like that with each and every item but happens in case of certain items. For example when I bought a vacuum cleaners I was too excited that I will use it like that and like this but it is lying in my attic for last 15 years.
    So during the shopping spree or in the spur of the moment we sometimes buy an item which is of not much use in our household. Have you got any such experience in your life?
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    Yes, it is true. Any costly and important gadget we want to buy first we must assess the use of that gadget in our house. We have to discuss with our family members to know their strong views. If all the members find the gadget necessary then we have to go for the gadget. Usually refrigerator, washing machine , RO filter, smart TV are essential for a family. So such things we buy we don't find that they are useless. Daily we use them and we reap benefit out of them. The other thing is when we buy a costly gadget it should be from a popular brand. In experimental basis if we buy from brand new company we may face some problems. I bought Aqua guard RO filter and it is functioning perfectly well. Remains gadget are all from LG and they are doing good service without any problem. I thought of buying vacuum cleaner but till date I didn't buy. To use vacuum cleaner it consumes time and patience must be there for cleaning house. We buy so many things that sometimes we may not use them because we don't find comfortable in using.

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    Yes. What the author has mentioned happens many a time which people. It so happened that three months back two sales men from a leading company which manufactures vacuum cleaners and water filters came to my door steps and asked me if I was interested in buying the latest model of any of their products. As i wanted to changed my water filter and i had checked it and bought it. While delivering it, the same person convinced me to buy two types of vacuum cleaners. I have been using only the small vacuum cleaner which is handy while the other one for which I had paid a good amount of money has been lying unused since I have bought it. I have indeed wasted the money which could have been easily avoided. The moral of the story is always think well before you buy any gadgets and if you buy at the heck of the moment you might have to regret having bought it.

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    Good thread from the author. It is imperative to note that we have to think twice before buying the right products and we have to draw wisdom to decide which gadget and for what purpose. The other day my friend wanted me to accompany for buying a gadget as he wanted to visit big apartments and familiarise with elders the benefits social security and best investment opportunities for senior citizens and for which he needed a projector. On searching we came across a compact product which fits in the palm, not very weight, and yet can have 3 hours presentation back up, no current required, supported in built storage and USB connected to the cell phone and above all the sound system is also good. So what he wanted was got, and we made purchase and he is now using it effectively and getting the response.
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    Generally, we think, look around and then only we decide to purchase a gadget. This will be more so when we have to go for a costly gadget. Small and low-value items may not require that much process of thinking and ponder over. When the time is available in the house we will not go for the purchase again. But sometimes we may under some special situations and the support we get from the credit cards in our pockets we may get tempered. But it is very rare.
    Once the remote of our TV was stopped working and we have gone to the shop from where we have purchased that TV with a view of replacing the remote. But after going there I got attracted towards a new model of TV and my both sons seconded my opinion and I purchased that TV using my credit card. This incident happened long back. The TV we were having has been taken away by the shop keeper under replacement programme.
    The trending purchasing everything and anything is very prominent these days especially in the younger generations and they change the gadgets very easily.

    always confident

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