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    Fools multiply when wise people are silent.

    This quote is attributed to Nelson Mandela, who was the first President of South Africa. He was an anti-apartheid revolutionary and a philanthropist. He said that questioning is the fundamental right of the people. Whether a country is democratic or otherwise, the people should question the government for any wrong policies or acts.

    The present-day society is witnessing many unlawful acts perpetrated by anti-social elements. The parties in power are indirectly encouraging such elements when it suits their political agenda. The authorities are also turning blind eye to such incidents. Hero worship is taking new dimensions and some people are becoming blind followers. They support their leader or the party irrespective of the merits of their policies or actions. The wise people in society should question the government without fear. When they keep silent with fear, fools and blind supporters multiply. In such a society there will be no harmony and peace.
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    The above quote is really true. In the past whether it is a central or any state governments, the cabinet used discuss intensly any new policies, implementations, or issues. The members of the ruling party also actively involved in these activities. The heads of the cabinet use to take all the views of cabinet and party members before they implement any policy. But nowadays, the heads are deciding something and it is immediately implemented without discussing the pros and cons. The party members of the ruling party blindly propagating the views of their chief of the party without taking the bad consequences of the party. If any opposition leaders or wise people from the public questions were attacked by all means from ruling party members and the issue was suppressed by political power. In this aspect, Congress party is far better where within the party itself members used to daringly express their views against any issue. Such an internal democracy is essential for to fore see any problems that may arise out of the issue.

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    Nice thread by the author and it is very true, in fact, no one should be silent when they feel to talk or give their views. Many times people think that being silent in front of fools is more sensible but it's not working all the time. When we will not stop others when they are behaving fool or doing such acts, indirectly we actually support them to do more foolish behavior, but when a wise person stop them or help them to understand their foolish behavior, he/she actually increase the possibility to increase wiseness of that person.

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    Surely we draw wisdom to question the injustice and unlawful overtures from the govt. But we alone cannot make the difference and for any change to be made the govt expect majority protest or seeking amendments to rules or laws. And before passing any bill in Parliament or Assembly the members are given chance to speak and have their say on the bill. Unfortunately the opposition leaders and the parties does not have time for fruitful discussions and thus the bill would be passed with voice vote. The constructive opposition was absent these days and during the Congress regime, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the only opposition MP , he used to raise issues against the govt, and there was rapt attention from the members and would listen to him. But that kind of trait absent in the present leaders and they are wasting time.
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    It is believed that fools talk a lot and that too rubbish . When the opponents remain silent ,they tend to expose their folly by talking more. Being silent help wise people to think better and act sagaciously/ However, they do not have to keep silently when somebody tries to convey something useless and by listening to their talk we end up wasting our precious time. Under such circumstance, it is better to talk and stop them from talking further.

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    True. People who are having knowledge and worth should not keep silent when things are going in a bad way. They should spell out and express their unhappiness. If possible one should try to correct the things that are going in wrong or at least make noise.
    Definitely, all people should question the government. In AP, the salaries of MLAs and MLCs are revised. But the government is not ready to hear the voice of the employees. How to question that government? The opposition party has to do some hue and cry. But unfortunately, there is no opposition party in the assembly. So the voters will wait for a chance only. The farmer's agitation in AP from Amaravathi is going on for more than a year. Nobody could question the government.
    That is why in any democratic country the opposition party should be strong and should take on the ruling party for the cause of the people. But in the parliament and in many state assemblies the opposition party is very weak and not able to take anything strongly/

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    For a healthy democratic system a constructive and powerful opposition is required but unfortunately today we do not see any such party at national level who can come to this expectation. There are some good parties at the state level but they are limited to the regional roles only. It is obvious that in such a situation the ruling party will have a say in many cases without a stiff opposition. This is not happening for the first time in our country. There was a time when congress was the main party and was very powerful and they did what they wanted for developing the country in a fast pace just after the independence. But due to their clinging to their family only for the leadership they lost the support of the people and have failed miserably in claiming the past glory. Today India is ambitiously heading ahead to become an important global entity and many powerful countries are looking up to these developments. So other parties who are in opposition have to change their mindset in the same direction if they want that people of this country give them a chance to come to power.
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    So, are we going to call such people wise enough? The so-called wise people remain silent maybe because they have a purpose otherwise, we would be finding them protesting and questioning the authorities. In many cases, it can be found that people who are considered wise take sides of the respective political parties and in that way somehow indulge others not so wise to do the same. The interesting thing is whom should we consider as wise people.

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