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    Do little girls need to apply make up items such as lip stick, eyeliner and face creams?

    Fashion has influenced small girls also. It is not surprising that when their mothers get ready to attend a wedding or a party and apply lip stick, eye liner, mascara the young girls watching them keenly ask them to do the same for them too and the mothers happily dress them up. This becomes a habit later on. The tiny little things do not need any make up all, They look innocent and beautiful sans lip stick and eye liner which are meant for adults. The mothers even after knowing the harmful effect of the chemical present in the cosmetics apply these to the young ones.In addition, the little
    ones behave in a very mature manner and try to ape their elder ones who are very much older to them when they get dressed up like adults. Do you think make up is necessary for the young girls while they attend gatherings? What adverse effects will it have on them?
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    Like mother like daughter and it is the fact that the little ones are highly influenced by their mother and they would like to dress and look like her and they would insist for all make over items for sure Though the innocent face, looks, and the dressing sense are already adorable and everyone would love them, but the little girls wont budge and they want all the make up items be tried on them and look further beautiful. Even they go to the extent of having same color hand bags, same type of foot wear what the money wears, and wants to sport lengthy hairs with whole lots of pleads and lots of decorative items as clips. Using the chemicals at the young age is risky and not advisable but for mother she is the angel and prince and therefore wants to enjoy every dressing sense with her and does not even mind spending on her.
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    A nice thought from the author and I agree with her 100%. Already the environment is polluted and little girls who are getting exposed to this polluted atmosphere are facing problems. In addition to this these makeup items which are having many synthetic chemicals are being used by them. That will enhance the problem. In the long run, they will face many problems. A mature lady may know that lipstick should not go inside. But a small kid may not know and she may chew it also. That may lead to severe complications.
    Kids look very neat and clean even without any makeup. Just washing the face with fresh water and then having bindi is sufficient for them. We can use butter and turmeric powder to clean the face. That will give a glow to the face of the kid. No other makeup is required. My daughters in law never go for using these items not only to them but also to their children.

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