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    Should we live in the present and enjoy life or we should also plan about the future?

    Life is very uncertain as we are unsure what will happen to us in future. Therefore, some individuals enjoy life by buying expensive items, clothes from designers,visit pubs and Malls and splurge their hard earned money without thinking about saving for the future. However, some people invest in stocks, gold and Fixed deposits so that they can use the money when in need. Which category do you belong to? Why should we do good investment for our future?
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    The wise people are those who have lived well, living and enjoying the present life and also envisaged good life for the future. That means they have already gone through the ordeal of and came to know the secret that money makes many things and if money is there the life would be happy and going other wise it ends up begging for the same and uneasy. But the present generation is not concerned about the future, and they think that the earning would be more than asking in future and they need not worry about the finance. The IT professionals are getting more pay and perks and for them spending spree has become the fashion and they have to live by aping others and flaunt with new things and gadgets and for them enjoying today is more important and not worried about tomorrow or future and there lies the wisdom.
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    In life, present and future also very important. Of course, in aspect of money some times we may have not choice to build wealth for the future. A person with a limited earning of monthly salary or daily wage earners will concentrate only how the present day life will go and can't build wealth for the future. A good salary earner must concentrate on future also so that life will go on smoothly. One of the major problems people face at older age is health issues. For this every one must take a healthy policy of about 3 lakhs minimum. Otherwise, it makes the old age life a hell. Health is one issue that sways all the fixed deposits what you have procured for the future.

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    Nothing is certain in this world. We may not be there tomorrow. So enjoy today. This is the policy of some people. But a person will be with hope always. We adjust alarm time in our mobile phones with the hope that we will be there tomorrow and we have to get up at so and so time for attending our work on time. Nobody will think that it is unsure that we may get up so why the alarm? These are all precautions with hope.
    The money that we save is not alone for our personal use. We will have our family members. For them, we should keep some money so that they can use this money when it is very much required. So I always feel that we should save some money for our future needs.
    The employees of the government may get a pension and living after retirement may not be a big problem. But private employees are not getting pension and as such, they have to save some money for their retired life. I always believe in saving and I saved some money during my career .

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    I also believe that present and future both are important phases in our lives. We cannot spend all our money in fun and frolic today and then suffer in our old age. Actually our expenses depend on our income. An ordinary security guard or driver or watchman or salesman or gardener or delivery boy earns hardly an amount of Rs 12000 to 15000 per month. They also spend only about one-third to half of that earning and save rest of it for a rainy day. So learning a lesson from them we should at least save 50% of our earnings for future. It is also correct that future is uncertain and we may not be there to use that money but it is a compulsion to save if we want to avoid all sort of hassles and inconveniences in the later phase of our lives. Today market is flush with items and goodies of all types and if we really want to spend there is a very good scope and we can spend a huge amount of money in a small time period. But that would not be a wise step. We should spend money using our brains rather than wasting it. At the same time being a miser is also not advisable.
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    I believe that life is all about finding a balance. A balance between present and future. So that you can not only enjoy your present but also secure future. I understand how it can hard for some people however it is important to find a balance to live a peaceful life. Enjoying your present is obviously important as you never know what the future holds. However if at all we make it to the future, it is necessary we are able to enjoy that period of time. I personally like to enjoy my present in a way i don't have a live a dark future. It is important to live a life of luxury but also a life of certainty. If we live our present to the fullest then what would happen to our future? Therefore it is important to enjoy your present in a way that if there is a future, it is bright too.
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