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    If the help is denied from most trusted person?

    We are having many people around us and being very close to relatives, friends, acquaintances, and most trusted people we some time take it granted that any help that is sought by us would not be turned down and we would get the succor. But when the very help is denied by the close and trusted person we feel very bad and neglected from the lot and lose the confidence of further living in life. Not that our timing and approach was bad, but we have overestimated the person and taken it granted that the help would be forthcoming at any given time. Any such experience ?
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    Sometimes we rely on certain people for certain help and think that they definitely help you even we ask at the last hour. Because of unknown reasons at sometimes it may turn wrong. According to me it is not good on our part to think bad about them. There may be millions of reasons why they were failed to help you. If we are good friends we have to stand on their side to think about them. We must be thankful to them if they help us and shouldn't think bad even they fail to help. This attitude must develop between mutually trusted people.

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    Yes, it is common in present society. Many people have become very unusual now. What is it about anger or violence that makes a person a monster in an instant? Why would a friend be so cruel? Does what our children read in school-college make them violent? Can't family education make them tolerant, or are technology and propaganda responsible for their intolerant behavior? It would not be right to think that the issue is limited to our country, this intolerance is all over the world. The "superego" wants to bind us to morality that depends on its childhood development, family environment, social education, institutional education, and the physical structure of its society and culture. As a result, people don't get all the goodies all the time and that's how they grow up. They do the unsuccessful. So he thinks he doesn't have the ability to think about what might happen when someone doesn't get what he expected. But he who does not get it must suffer in despair. But I think it is better to forget his frustration and keep working on new recklessness. Because others do not have the ability to understand what he thinks.
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    This is the order of the day. There is nobody whom we can call a trusted friend. That trust will be there as long as there is no problem for the self. Nobody wants to suffer or take risks for the sake of other people. The meaning of friendship is completely changed these days. Many friends these days are social media friends only.
    Generally, we will have some confidence in some people and we expect help or support from them. But when they behave differently we will have no say except maintaining silence.
    That is why it is always better to have some alternatives so that our work will not get hampered even though somebody says no to the proposal also. Anywhere we should have plan 2 to use in case of plan 1 fails. Simply depending on the person and taking things for granted may not suit the present trend. Anything can happen and we should be prepared to face any type of situation. Your pain is known to you only and you have to manage accordingly.

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    Sometimes we take it granted that we will be helped with our trusted friends all the time we need it but not necessarily, the same assumption will not be true always. There might be several reasons for not getting help at the right juncture which cannot be anticipated from our end. We have to go through the entire details which has compelled my friends not obliging me during the hours of crisis. We should not be in a hurry to establish any opinion regarding their failures. We have to ensure some planning at least in the area of financial field to park some money for emergencies if the situations warrant.

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    When we ask some help from a person it is not necessary that he will oblige us. Giving help to us by him will depend on so many factors. The first and foremost is whether we really deserve that help from him. If that person feels that we are not a reliable person and we will not be helping him in future and we will not be able to do anything in reciprocation to him then why would he help us. Another thing is some people do not want to help anyone. They believe that everyone should get his problems solved by oneself and should not go for those things which are beyond ones means. Then there are some people who have seen our past history and from that they conclude that they should not help us or any othe particular person having similar history.
    So getting help is not our right. It is the prerogative of the person whi is at the other side capable of helping us.

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