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    On what basis some people are labelled good or bad? Can we judge people in such a way?

    People are usually judged by others as a good human being. For example, when someone shows empathy during difficult times and sympathy when you struggle to cope up with the situation, people name them good and kind persons. On the other hand, when some body looks the other way and do not help the people in need of help, people obviously label them selfish and ruthless.
    I feel human beings can not be labeled permanently because good people also behave badly sometimes and bad people become good due to some reasons. What is your opinion?
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    True. A person who is labelled as good may behave badly and a person who is labelled as bad may behave well. This all depends on various issues that are around at that moment. We all say Yudhstir is good and never talks a lie. But Lord Krishna made him tell lie in a particular situation for a particular result. Dharmaraja did it but because of a single, he never lost his tag. Even today also people respect him as a person who never said any lie even in any adverse condition. Bad people are those who do all bad things day in and day out and they never do good things. Such people can be labelled as bad and we can find the same person behaving in a different way. As a matter of fact, bad and good are relative terms. If we really no one is permanently good and no one is permanently bad. It all depends on the time and act of the individual.
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    Indeed. It is often easy determine the overall personality of an individual by a single deed. However it's not often correct. Human beings are immortal beings. They are worked by the force of nature and emotions. We are known for making mistakes and recovering from them. Therefore I agree with the author that a single behaviour. Because many a times such behaviour are because of certain situations. We should also never considered a person good just because they behaved good with us, once. Every behaviour is determined by external environment. However we should also not put a blind eye towards people who are continuously behaving bad towards us. As it cleary means that they aren't good people. Hence, it is true that a single behaviour cannot determine a person but repetitive behaviour can.
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    The behavior of the people at the point of time would decide whether they are are good, average or bad. The good behavior of the person would always exists within him as the good trait since the birth because his or her parents taught the morals of the life and they feel by deceiving or demeaning others would get them the bad name. There are average people who does good and bad deeds in their life as per the circumstances and thus can be expected to do justice for fifty percent. And there are people who are considered as bad because they always envy others for performance, they always envy others for progress, and they cannot withstand the good deeds done by the good people. Such people keep on finding faults and they try to dislodge the person through maliging and they get solace in such acts.
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    The author has told the right thing and I agree with it, it is difficult to tell in which parameter the distinction of good and bad will be done and even more important by whom. As long as someone is doing something in our interest, maybe we will not call it bad or wrong because we are benefiting from it, but if we do the same thing with someone else in the next moment, then we can start seeing evils in it. So it is true from both sides that no one can judge right or wrong, neither the person who is doing it nor the person with whom it is happening.

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    Good and bad are generally used as relative terms. There is nothing like absolute good or absolute bad. A person may appear good under some situation but the same person may look cruel and aggressive under some other circumstances. So we cannot generalize that a person is good or bad. Only thing is by seeing the average activities and good behaviour of a person we can say that he is a good person. Similarly if a person is offensive and abusive and also not helping others most of the times then he will be labelled as a bad person.
    As human beings are selfish, it is natural that whoever helps us we will put him under the good category and wherever he ignores us he will be qualified under the bad category. The same person may not help us but may help some other people. So being good or bad is most of the times situational and is based on the circumstances.

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