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    Why do people indulge in body shaming and hurt others?

    Looking good and presentable has become a very important aspect in the modern world of today across the globe. People of all age groups struggle hard to be slim and attractive by going to gyms,eating healthy food and doing exercise. However, due to medical conditions some people put on weight while some lose weight significantly. People body shame such people without knowing the cause. They openly comment on their obesity or how bad somebody looks when they become skinny suddenly. The people who are made fun of, get into depression which becomes chronic illness. Why do people pass such remarks on the face of gullible persons?
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    This is the happening in the society and when we find some one with fatty look, immediately the gossips starts and they comment on the looks, the extra fitting dressing and many more things. In this regard I wish to share one personal experience. I met a regional manager of a cement company in Secunderabad at his house on company assignment, and when I saw him I was very much astonished as he could be easily 300 kgs, could not able to move and keep sitting on the bed and works from home. He probably gaining wait for no exercise and exertion and doctors told him to walk and he cannot. Being a chain smoker, his room is full of smoke, fully airconditioned, no air flow and thus with servants he is staying alone, unmarried but drawing good salary and no peace of life. This kind of people cannot go out nor move with anyone in the society.
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    That is a bad trait only. Why should we comment on the appearance of the other person? We have no right to do that. How a person maintains his body is always not in the hands of the individual. As mentioned by the author there may be many reasons that are beyond the control of the individual. So the person may be already worried about the problems he is having and maybe trying to come out of that. Why should we again bother him and made him feel sorry for the problems he is having.
    I know a person who is abnormally heavy and he made so many attempts and contacted many doctors and did whatever he can do come down. But he is not able to reduce his weight. He felt many times before me about the comments others make about his appearance and body weight. Let us not indulge in such comments. They will really hurt the person.

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    Everyone cannot be slim and trim. It requires a lot of control on intake of food as well as regularly doing exercises and physical activities. So some people who ere not able to adhere to these regulations or disciplines in their lives get fat or become obese. It is in bad taste to mock off these people or to humiliate them just because they are fat.
    If possible we should inspire and motivate them to lose their weight and help them in that endeavour. Otherwise we have no right to insult them in public or even in isolation. These people know that it is difficult to lose the weight though they try hard for it many times. We should take care of their feelings, sentiments, and emotions in the matter and behave with them in a proper manner.

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    A very good topic has been chosen by the author for discussion, which is commendable. There are two aspects of this matter, one which has made the person health conscious, which is also right because health is the most important element of life. But the second aspect which is chosen with the intention of attracting oneself requires discussion. When we talk about this topic for women, there is a big physical change in women when they are pregnant and after childbirth, women often start worrying about obesity or other related topics and in such a situation when they see the actresses of the film world, fit even after this situation, then they start bringing negative feelings in themselves and forget that there is a lot of difference between their life and our lifestyle. In many cases, we have seen its negative form where women or men start resorting to artificial means or dieting or medications to make themselves look attractive. One thing should always be kept in mind that there is nothing more attractive than your life and behavior and keeping these on priority, then only working on other things.

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