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    How do you motivate others to help the needy?

    Those who lack proper food, clothing and other basic needs require the help of the others who have excess of those commodities. Different people assist others in a different way. For instance, some donate their unused or old clothes to the homes for the poor, some cook extra food and serve those who beg for food, some impart free education and a few rich people donate money. Today , I happened to come across something unknown to me till know. In front of an apartment which is s a posh on where rich people live, I found some shelves fixed to a wall. On the wall it was written" WALL OF KINDNESS" . I found some clothes, some biscuit packets, chips etc kept in the shelves. Those who were in need silently picked them up went away.I appreciated the person for his idea in my heart. Long time ago, I had heard that a big refrigerator which was kept near a place where people moved a lot and some persons used to keep cooked food and other eatable items to be collected by the needy. These kind of ideas motivate others to help the needy without much publicity. Have you ever motivated others to do such service or do you know anyone who had done such kind of service?
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    One should help the needy as per their capacity and availability. When a person is hungry we should share the food with him even though we don't have excess with us. Many people come forward to help the poor. No motivation is required. But these days many organisations are coming forward to collect money for the sake of helping the poor. ISKON is one such organisation. They are sending Prasad and small gifts to the persons who are helping and donating money for food donation. They are sending a small photograph of Lord Krishna to the donrs. Like that they are maintaining good relations and sending messages from time to time.
    There are some private NGOs and they also always send messages and tell the difficult conditions of the patients or people with them and request them for help. When we hear such stories we will be getting emotional and try to help the needy.
    The income tax deduction is another factor that motivates many people for donating money for the cause of the poor.

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    One can motivate others only by setting an example. When you order a snack and tea at a tea stall and see that there is someone waiting for a bite, give it to him. It is not about giving the extra that you have got, it is giving what you have got that would be blissful. Enjoy that moment. If another person watching you can be inspired, you would be blessed. Helping someone in need is not something that need to be forced, the feeling has to be natural.
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    What I feel that we have to identify the people who are in need of help and not that we help those who seek the help. Not all those who are seeking alms on the road, at signals are poor and must be helped. Just go on the road, you will find someone sleeping inside the tube of water pipe, or under the shade of tree, or in the bus stop shade, and these are the people who have been out of house for one reason or the other and they are not habituated to ask for help and thus sulk from inside. We can find such people who are not craving for food menus and eat what ever we provide them. Even the used clothes are welcomed and they would not discard. Look out for such people who are in dire need of help and not those who are seeking the help through the day, through the week, and through the month and they are most richest.
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    We should help others, especially the needy, as much as possible, and we should come as an example in front of the world so that people move forward by learning. But it is also true that a single person cannot bring a big change in the society and therefore efforts are made to increase this community by contributing more and more sections, which community can keep itself ahead to help the poor. This should be the way of motivating the people that first you should do whatever you can on your own level and then share such contribution with the people around you so that they realize that they also have some duty towards the society. But the most important question is also of your own interest that after all you are doing this in the interest of society or for your own fame if a person is donating for fame, there is no right that he should expect others to be motivated.

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    Nice thread by the author. It is true that kind hearted people help the poor and needy. At the same time some people are very rigid in these matters and they don't want to help anyone and comment that let everyone should work and earn the bread. But when some people start some collaborative action for helping the poor then these people who are otherwise rigid also join and come out in open to make contributions from their sides.
    In our society one person gave a message in WhatsApp that next day some people would be coming from the orphan houses to collect the used clothes or items from our households.
    That message created a lot of inspiration and next day so many people gave so many old but usable items from their houses and the pick up that was brought was full with those items. Some person has to take a lead and people get inspired and motivated easily.

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    It is really a nice thread dealing with liberal donations to the needy. We should not be influenced with our next neighbours having the capacity of donations liberally. We should see ourselves and we should contribute to the extent possible. We can say see the satisfaction level of a hungry child if he is given a full meal in case of need. We would see how his sad face turns into a smiling face. We should not hesitate to offer whatever we have. The deprived child would be satisfied even if we could offer a few bites of the bread. There is no need for any comparison what others are doing in this regard but the way you are sparing something for the others count.

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