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    Have you got any information of well being of Mr.Sun?

    Mr.Sun, one of the regular members of ISC has not seen active since long back. Lastly, he informed us that he is undergoing some minor surgery and he is taking leave for some time from ISC. Since then we have not heard anything about him. Hope he is in good health condition and slowly recovering from surgery. If anybody got information about him and if they share it, all of us know about him.
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    Sun was a very friendly and wonderful person. When I joined ISC several years before we used to post in the threads very often. I was also wondering why he was not posting anything on ISC. Thank you for the information. Dear Sun, i pray for your speedy recovery. Get well soon.

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    The same question is in my mind for the last two or three days. In fact, I thought of asking this question here. But somehow I couldn't do it. He mentioned his health problem and also told that the surgery needed is minor in nature only. But there is no information afterwards. I hope he is recovering well and we will see him again active on this site. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.
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    Yesterday being the Rathasapthami day dedicated to the Sun God , the author also chose to raise this post and know the whereabouts and health safety of Sun. Everyone is worried about him as no communication was received. If ISC admin has the contact number they can inquire and know the welfare and inform us too. We wish he must be here amidst us.
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    We have been trying to contact him through different means for the past few weeks but to no avail. We could not trace him on Facebook and there is no response to the emails that we had sent him. Tony sir tried to contact him over telephone but there was no reply. We hope and pray that he is fit and fine. It was not a major surgery, as he said, and we are not sure why he is missing for such a long time. Hope he gets back here soon.
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    We are all looking forward to his return with good health restored. In case anyone is connected with him through FB or any other online platform, do communicate our concerns to him and give us an update on his wellbeing.
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    He was an active member in the site and was contributing much especially in forum section from time to time. It seems that due to the bad health he slowly withdrew from contributions and we can only hope that when he gets well he might come back or share some information regarding his health and present status of his ailments which are so common in the old age. I pray and wish for his well being.
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    No Day without the Sun Similarly Mr. Sun is an active member of ISC. He always share informatic and precious thread in the forum section

    I wish to welcome back soon

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    He had been an active member of the site. We used to enjoy his write up especially in the forum section. At least he was bold and frank in his writings but unfortunately his contributions are missing. May be because of his health, he is not responding. I wish his speedy recovery and in the same fashion, he would contribute in ISC site more aggressively in near future.

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    Your response is not related to the subject. It is related to the thread posted by the Webmaster. This thread is about SUN an active member who is not online recently. Please edit the post accordingly.

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