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    How many historic places have you visited till date? Please share the details.

    We know of many historic sites and buildings which were built centuries before and have left a great impression in our hearts. Our country also have many prime sites and buildings of historic value which are preserved and are opened for the public. Which building/ site do you admire very much and why? Share your experience.
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    So many historical places and buildings have been visited by me. While in Delhi, Qutub Minar, Redfort, were befitting and truly awesome. In Agra who can forget the sprawling and enchanting love symbol of Taj Mahal and that is ever lasting in mind. In Hyderabad we have Charminar the 440 year old structure which stands tall in the midst of old city and we can see how big Hyderabad is from the top. And who can forget the great Golconda fort which had the engineering and expertise to bring water to the upper areas of hills without pipe line and that is greatness. And the monolithic statue of Lord Buddha in the mid of Hussain sagar is not history but made our city proud. And coming to so many temples in Tamil Nadu which are huge, towering and none has the expertise or the knowledge to build the same.
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    I have visited so many buildings and monuments located across our country. I have visited mainly these places through year end trips conducted by my organization where I have worked and also some of them personally with my family. I have visited Charminar, Golkonda, Salarjung museum, Buddha statue in Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad, Visweswarayya museum, Tippu Sultan palace in Karnataka, historical churches in Velangini and Kanyakumari, Chatrapathi Shivaji museum, Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Elephanta caves in Bombay, Taja Mahal in Agra, Red fort, kutub Minar, Lotus temple, Raj ghat, etc. in Delhi, Hawa Mahal, Birla Mandir, City Palace, Amber fort, Jantar Mantar etc. in Jaipur, Mahabalipuram stone cave and many more such places in India. All these places are interesting and must visit places. Chatrapathi Shivaji museum, Salarjung museum, Elephanta caves have attracted me much and are very historical in nature.

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    It is an interesting thread raised by the author I have visited many places but most of them were in my very childhood with my parents which I couldn't remember. So first I will mention them which are as follows Jalian wala bagh at Amritsar, Taj Mahal, Rajia sultan's fort, Ujjain and many temples their, Jain temples of Bhopal. and many more monuments temples of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Agra and Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately, I was too young to remember any of these but I have visited these places with my parents.

    The things I have wandered around after I grew up but I can clearly differentiate which of them I like most in Delhi Red Fort, Humayun's tomb, Bangla saheb, shisganj sahib, and all the museums of Delhi, in Banaras BHU Campus, Kashivishwanath, temple, Sarnath museums and stupas, ISCon temple of Banglore only place I was able to visit there, all saint's cathedral in Allahbad., tomb of sultan khusru in Allahbad, and Forst research institute of Dehradun and few other places their I wish to visit so many more places once I achieve what I want to live.

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    Whenever I had visited a place while on a vacation trip I had gone through the historical places in or near that place and in that process I have gone through so many historical monuments and buildings.
    During one of my trips I had visited the western part of Rajasthan where there is a place called Jaisalmer. There is a fort known as Jaisalmer fort. The buildup and overall impression is very spectacular and I still remember the image of that fort in my mind.
    It was built in the year 1156 during the reign of the ruler Rawal Jaiswal who is said to be the founder of Jaisalmer city. The style of the built of fort is a combination of Islamic and Rajput architecture. Incidentally Jaisalmer is a tourist place where many people visit specially to have a glimpse of the open desert where they can hire camels and have also a ride in the desert. Jaisalmer is a strategic place as it falls on the border between India and Pakistan.

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    I request members to give the details of the places they have visited. Let it be a learning experience for all. Pictures, if any, are also solicited.
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    I had visited Mysore palace several times. In fact,whenever any of my relatives come to stay with us who lived in other cities, I used to take them to Mysore and Mysore palace was the first important destination. It coveres a huge area with multiple floors. The artifacts and other item displayed in various floors makes you wonder struck . The royal attires of Maharajas and Maharanis are very rich and unique. The silvery cutlery is also very special and different.Thereare also some arms and ammunition which were used during those times against the enemies displayed
    To add on,there are mirror and many more items. The desire to visit the place once more is never ending . If any of you had been there,please add on something which I have omitted here.

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    I have visited many places and I enjoyed it a lot. Many historic places I have seen. To name a few are VYshnodevi temple, Chardam, Araku valley and some important places in East Godavari dt of AP and Kanaka Durga temple at Vijayawada AP. I wrote articles and they were published on ISC after my Vyshnodevi temple and Chardham. I have also published articles about East Godavari Dt. Places, Visakhapatnam tour and Vijayawada. The links for the above are given below. You can go through them. Vyshnodevi temple is the best place I have seen and liked it more.
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    A visit to Mata Vaishno Devi temple
    Chardham tour in the state of Uttarakhand.
    East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh - A visitor's Paradise.

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    When I was going to Allahabad, Varanasi and Gaya, the train stopped at Amla Junction for long time and how a cow entered the place eating from the dustbin was captured by me.
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    When we had been to Nagarjun Sagar, and there is a water fall near that place and that was lovely captured from my cell phone camera.
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    I visited almost all the historical places of Jharkhand and Bihar as well as I also visited The Tajmahal of Agra, Kutubminar Delhi, Tippu Sultan palace in Karnataka etc. All historical places have their own different experience.
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