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    I am a new member. Please suggest how to go through.

    Hello everyone, I am Nelofer Ameen from Barpeta, Assam and today I have joined this platform to improve my Writing skills. Please suggest how to start. Seeking guidance from you all.

    Thank you,
    Nelofer Ameen
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    Nelofer Ameen,

    Welcome to ISC! I suggest you begin by going through the red-pinned threads at the top of our forum. Other than reward programs, these include crucial announcements on policies and guidelines. The main one is the Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines and A comprehensive guide for new members.

    Next, spend a little time simply browsing each section in a systematic manner to understand how we are contributing to the site. Your journey should ideally begin right here, in the forum. Raise topics for discussion and participate in other discussions through responses in those threads. You can also answer a few queries in our Ask Expert section based on the information you know or sourced from online or other reference material. Whatever your contributions, we expect the content to be written in your own words and style and not copied. There is a handy reference guide, namely, Help topics to explain various aspects of ISC. In case you still require clarity on the unique features of ISC or on rules and regulations, feel free to raise a thread with your query and we'll all be glad to give guidance.

    Have a good time learning and earning!

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    Welcome to this educational portal commonly known as ISC. If you have interest in creative writing then you are at the right place.
    Please go through the contributions made by members here in various sections including this forum section where you have raised this post. Go through those contributions and just see the points alotted to them by the editors to get an idea of their relative merits. If it is a contest entry then you can find its quality yourself or by the award it has got.
    The idea is that more you go through these contributions here you will be inspired and motivated to contribute in a likewise manner or even better than that.
    So I wish you all the best in this portal and you can get all your doubts resolved by going through the policies, rules, and regulations here but if you have a specific query still remaining unresolved you are welcome to raise a post here and the members as well as editors would be happy to guide you.
    From my last 5 years experience here I can tell you that it is a very friendly learning as well as part time earning site and you would soon realise this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome Nelofer Ameen, you have joined the most promising educational website which has the prestige, name and fame spread across the world and we have lakhs of members enrolled as members and those who are active have been enjoying awards and rewards through raising threads, responding threads, writing articles, responding to articles, raising questions in ask experts section and giving reply as the expert in the subject would not only fetch you name , fame and cash credits for sure. Here the daily performance is graded through points and every Sunday the point table would be calculated to decide the ranking of members. The ranks determine the fame and position of the members and as you grown up in writing contents here, surely you are not only earning and learning many things in the process. Just be present daily.
    K Mohan
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    Welcome to this excellent educational site. As you have entered with a good motive of improving your writing skills this site will definitely help you in many ways. The editors will guide and you support wherever required. Follow the links given by the Managing Editor and understand completely about the site, rules and regulations. Then start contributing in this section. You can go through various threads posted by others so that you can understand. Then from this section, you can navigate to other sections at your convenience and time. Articles reading and contributing in that section will help you more. Spending more time there and trying to write on your own will give you a better understanding of how to write. I wish you all the best and start your journey.
    always confident

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    First of all, My heartiest welcome to India`s best educational portal where you can share your knowledge through the forum and article but before starting to contribute to any section you should know about guidelines of contributions which is available on FAQ and Guideline section.

    You should focus on mainly the forum section to improve your writing skills as well as can answer your favorite sector through Ask Expert Section.

    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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