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    Is it reasonable to give precedence to the nudity of culture?

    Indian culture is a great cultural mix that has exploited the trends of neighboring countries, creating a gloriously diverse cultural dynamism that has been reflected in aspects from religion to architecture, art, or customs. A closer look reveals that it is a combination of different regional cultures of the country also. I think this rich culture has made our country one of the most attractive countries on the planet and a great tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. But the content of all cultures cannot be consistent forever. Stories of caste and exploited class are being marketed in the world today. They are gaining ground in the world as a complement to our prejudices and stupidity. Knowing that the bad aspects of our culture are spreading like this, why are we silent? What should be the immediate action?
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    Neighboring countries are having the grudge and enmity on our country as we are harping on our culture and tradition which has great fabric woven to safeguard us from any kind of divide and demeaning. Our rich culture made us fame since many years and by cheap indulging in mudslinging from vested interests. It is unfortunate that caste and other matters are exploited across the world by maligning the country. But the unity and integrity of the people should always be appreciated and when ever there was cascading remarks on religion and other matters, people trolled on those who instigated such matters for their own passion and survival and therefore Indian citizens are more informed and more educated in the matter and that is the reason being so India has been surviving the onslaught of sustained disinformation.
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    Cheap media houses resort to certain items which make their channel popular. These channels are only interested for the traffic to their site or their TV channels. They are not only in India but they are located in some foreign countries also and are always in watch for something which can be exploited and presented in the wrong way. We have a diversity of culture in India. At the same time there are many poor and downloading people in our country. Many people are living in very adverse and difficult situations. All these things are presented and depicted in abberating manners by the said channels and tarnish the image of our country. This is in bad taste but it is difficult to book these channels or sensation spreaders as they are almost outside the reach of law enforcing authorities. We should publicly condemn these things and if we get some information we should complain about it to the concerned authorities.
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    A wonderful point brought out by the author in this thread. If there is any problem within the house we should sort it out. But if we go and share the same with outsiders they will never help anybody and definitely think of getting some mileage for their benefit. That is what exactly happening in India. Some of the politicians are keeping their money and assets in other countries and they are trying to get the help of people there. Those people are trying to use these people to get information and trying to use it for their benefit. Added to that the print media and electronic media are supporting one or the other political party and trying to spread false news to this world. The behaviour of this media is also because of the support they get from political parties, foreign funding agencies.
    As Indians, we should understand what is good and what is bad and support good and oppose bad issues that are happening around us. But all people also are not really interested in nations. its culture and history.

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    The author may consider modifying the title of this thread. It is true that India has a rich cultural heritage and at the same time if you are aware of any kind of bad aspects it must be corrected at the earliest. Good and bad are relative terms and at times are used depending on the context. For example, telling a lie is not at all good but in some situations, one may have to tell a lie. If you consider something bad, more clarity is needed on this, you condemn it and accept that something bad has happened. If you do not want something to spread then we all have to act together because each of us is helping them to spread it in some form.

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