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    How to hoodwink people by skirting vital issues?

    One of the best speaches ever made in the history of Indian Parliament, was from the mouth of Rajiv Gandhi. As expected, the great PM did not answer many of the vital points, and went on harping on his so-called achievements.

    One who has no word against the worst of hate speeches against minorities in Indian history, can and should answer vital questions. He has no answer to the vital point that he is behaving like a despot. He is indeed one. He is one of the worst dictators the country has ever had. The party that simply hates the minorities and is pro-capitalists, can never ever understand the feelings of the poor. Millions walked down to UP and MP because of the lockdown. How can they survive without any job, when there is a total lockdown? Mere speeches will never ever offer any solace to the poor.

    God save this country from dictators. Two of them who have totally ruined this country.
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    First of please correct the name as Rahul Gandhi and not his father Rajiv Gandhi. Unfortunately we have the most illiterate, most childish and most undervalued leader as the opposition and he proved to be curse for his own party and what ever decision he had taken that made his party bad to worse. Now the latest wrong what he had done to retain same name as the CM candidate for Punjab and Sidhu is fuming against the Congress high command and that would prove winning for BJP in Punjab. He might have made glorious speech in Parliament but the reply given by the PM was totally forgotten by the author and that also be mentioned here. The dirty linen of Congress and its past history was washed inside the Parliament and what ever little good name the party had was gone to toss and he has lost position as leader.
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    Only generalizations by the author of his imaginations with no facts mentioned.

    The author always come with a new thread with a hatred for one's faith and life as their faith and life do not matter to him. The author loosely mentions,

    "Millions walked down to UP and MP because of the lockdown"

    And if the author could let us know the walked down from which States. To my knowledge those migrations happened majorly from three States i.e., MH, Delhi and RJ and there is non-BJP government in those States and the mentioned States are ruled by the BJP. Perhaps those had more survival aspects being in the States ruled by the BJP.

    We have another enjoying lines here,
    "Mere speeches will never ever offer any solace to the poor."

    For the information of the author, Garibi Hatao Desh Bachao ("Remove poverty, rescue the country") was the theme and slogan of Indira Gandhi's 1971 election campaign. And since then and till the time that Congress party was defeated in 2014 General election, they did not changed much instead the goal post shifted to limited editions of Adani and Ambani.

    And if the author could explain whether he is referring the Muslims as the minority even though this is the second largest population with more than 20% participation in the total numbers. Accordingly, this should come around to 25-28 crores.

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    Sivakumar, let us not have emotional outbursts. Let us be true to ourselves and let facts be analyzed. I suggest being logical and true to what you wish to convey. When you say something wrong, keep in mind that you are giving the other side a chance to win.

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    I agree with the author. Mere speeches will never ever offer any solace to the poor. These words are applicable to all RG gave a very good speech. This is what the author mentioned and very happy with the speech. But Modi speech is not good for him and he says 'Mere speeches will never ever offer any solace to the poor. ;
    I say the same is applicable to RG also. Let him go into public and get votes and come to power. That is what he should do. Then he can convert India and all of us will be happy and people like Modi will be out. Let RG make an action plan and start working on that.

    always confident

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    Sai Sir. Let us look at hard data. The GDP is down; unemployment is at a record high. But the FM pretends as if the Government has done so much. They promised to add two crore jobs per year.

    Our dear Members should note that GST is heavily baised towards the Centre; Modi has just not given the actual and legitimate dues of the States.

    What did RG try to convey? He said someone is trying to rule India like a King. There are two kings. The King's Deputy acts like a super King and resembles the King in every respect. The same PM made a statement "Didi O Didi " in West Bengal. His chamchas made so many horrible hate speaches against the minorities. But the PM is so silent since then.

    For the BJP leaders, whatever they talk is Gospel truth. Whatever horrible things they have done so far is the best.

    All bad times do not last. There will surely be better times when the truth will come out. The Modi Bhakthas can have a field day and sing songs about their great leader. But the day of reckoning will positively come.

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    The author has raised certain points which are to be understood in their entirety and then are to be discussed without any bias and prejudice. It is natural that whenever there is a regime, any regime, in the country then many of us will have the feeling of anti-establishment and we will vent out those things from time to time. The easiest thing in any system is to talk against it and bring out its weak points and ignore the strengths. In my view no government is perfect. We can only judge them on comparative basis. Only that may give us some solace and peace.
    We cannot see everything based on the the perceptions of state governments. They are only the elements of the major federal system. Anything done on national level or interest is to be understood by all the states otherwise we will never be able to progress and prosper in the international arena. Just by distributing free ration will not eradicate poverty, we have to generate jobs for eradicating it on a long-term basis.
    There is a misconception about the definition of minority in this country. In any democratic federal system minority means a community or religion which is less than 2% of the total population.Other than that everyone is in a majority proportion. I think we have to come out of the state mentality to the nation level mentality if we really want to go ahead with a faster pace of development.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I restrain myself now from further commenting on this thread.

    @Saji Ganesh, rightly said.
    "When you say something wrong, keep in mind that you are giving the other side a chance to win."

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    Umesh Sir is correct. It is correct to look at the overall context as well. However, a very objective view of the whole situation will obviously point out these facts.

    1. The PM, his Deputy and his chamcha gang have successfully changed the public discourse from meaningful discussions on economic matters to focus on just one Religion at the cost of others; in fact, the fact 80 percent of this country belong to just one Religion should become an eye opener to anyone who is sane and unbiased.

    2. The PM harps on "national issues". But he conveniently forgets the most important State issues as well. His Governors act as if they are State BJP President's. His chamchas of the RSS have made so many dangerous hate speeches. But the PM has not even opened his mouth.

    3. The attempt to create trouble with the major minority religion has taken dangerous paths. The latest is Karnataka. There is a massive churning and the matter has gone to the High Court. The BJP and it's cronies are very big experts at diverting people's attention.

    4. In Tamil Nadu, the BJP is headed by a political moron. However,when it comes to fostering and encouraging trouble, this former IPS officer thinks he is still an IPS officer. God only knows what will happen with such a dangerous fellow around.

    God save this country. We have too many Bakthas and it is impossible to make them see reason. They have been intoxicated with some sort of mantra. While the economic chaos continues unabated, God only knows what will happen to this country.

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