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    Don't waste time just by collecting information.

    There was a time when people did not have much means of sources before starting any work and hence, they used to convert their thoughts directly into actions with plans and search for new knowledge and methods along with their actions. But with time we have progressed in the stream of development and we are also very rich in terms of sources for information because most of the information we are getting from the internet. Nowadays, the student is also getting a big advantage of this, where they are getting different information for the same subject or topic through the internet. But only collecting information should not be our aim. Notes received from various websites or videos downloaded from YouTube will not prove to be worthwhile until they are inculcated in the mind. Otherwise, these documents or videos will only work to fill the memory of mobile or laptop and not your actual memory.
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    Nice observation from the author. What it implies from this thread that too much going into the details of any information is also dangerous as there are every chance that the same information would be contradicted and down played even to astonishment of the reader or viewer. For example the happening at the big statue of equality in Hyderabad can be sighted here. While PM Modi gave rapt attention briefing by the creator and donor of the huge land, our Home Minister Amit Shah who came to have darshan has left half way even the donor was explaining seeing at the huge statue. So who ever might be searching for the ideas and views on this subject would get contradicted reports by seeing these videos and immediately turn to spreading gossips instead of learning something out of thing that unfolded over there.
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    You are right. Currently, people are getting plenty of information just a click away but what they lack is the motivation to learn. Sometimes we were overwhelmed by so much information that we postponed it for a few hours, days, or weeks. In earlier days, people had will power to learn but not the resources which we are getting. My doctoral guide used to tell me that they used to spend long hours in the library just to find the relevant thesis or research papers just to get help in the topic they were stuck at. Now, compared to that, we are getting research papers and ebooks free of cost but somewhere still there is a laziness in approach for learning.
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    Collecting information is like collecting books and keeping them in the library. But what is the use if we don't know what is there in the book? After collecting the information we have to read it and understand and then use it for completing our task or we should appear in the examination, face well and get the qualification. How much information you have collected is not important but how much you understood is more important.
    I have seen many people purchasing many books and keeping them in the library with the date and time of purchase. But they never bother to read what is there in the book and they never read even the preface given in the book.
    Collecting information is necessary. At the same using the collected information is also very important. Just keeping the information in cold storage is of no use to you but it may be useful to the other users who will have access to the information you have collected.

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    In the past we have books only to get any information on any topic. We used to refer different books on the same topic to get clear information. Actually when we study various books on a particular topic we will get clearer idea about the concept of the topic. Especially at higher studies we have to refer various books to get clear idea about the topic. This generation students are so fortunate that at their finger tip they get any information from internet. But simply collecting information there is no use. They have to read all that information and must analyze the information to get clear idea. Even videos are available on any topic in the net, the only thing is the students have to utilize it in a proper way. Whatever simple ways we get to collect information, finally we have to utilize and sharpen our mind to excel ourselves in any field.

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    I agree with Author Swati.
    Nowadays, The student does not like to note any study material from the blackboard. They try to capture notes through a mobile camera. Similarly, Almost all students are using Google or Youtube to file answers for any problems.

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    All sort of information, references, and resources are available in the internet or in the books lying around us in our study room but until we make practical use of that there is no point in telling that there's so much resources available to us. Long back when there was no internet and things like that I had a habit of keeping the cuttings of newspaper pertaining to anything which I found interesting and I wanted to keep it as a reference for future. After a long time that became a big heap of newspaper cuttings kept in plastic bags or paper envelopes and it became such a huge collection that if I wanted to search something out of it then is was almost impossible to find it. Then I realised that I was simply collecting those things and it was actually creating a big heap of garbage.
    So it is important that we should be very selective for digging out or collecting the references or information from any source whenever it is required for our work. Preciseness and focus are the basic keys in these domains.

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    Currently there are a lot of videos appearing in the internet providing students a lot of information in any topic. If they go on in that way, there is no end to it. Every time they can update their information with the latest search of videos. If the materials are not sorted out properly by noting down in their copies and if the materials are not clear to them despite their sincere attempts to go in for the next video, it is not likely to help in anyway for examination point of view. While going through the text books in our student life, we have had different sets of books on the subjects but such a choice was fewer confined to three to four books to make our concepts clear on any chapter. This definitely helped us to have sound basics. They should follow the clear strategy to limit glueing videos and try to make topic clear with a deep understanding.

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    Accessing too much of information might result in confusion. Apparently,the internet is loaded with good as well as confusing material which is available for students without putting much effort. But it is upto the person who looks for certain details to details to use them or store them. If it is stored just without being understood,it will be just a collection of junk.

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