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    Educational institutions becoming battle grounds for religious issues

    A fight over a mere piece of cloth overhead has now turned into an ugly battle of who can wear what based on religion in educational premises. This issue could have been easily resolved by letting the girls wear their headscarf or hijab if they wish to do. They argue that if Sikhs are allowed to have their turbans then why shouldn't they be allowed to wear hijab? The petty things are taking a newer form with blinded followers wearing saffron-clad cloth on their necks.

    Why suddenly were these girls stopped from wearing their hijab when they have worn it earlier as well? The social media is piled up with questions like if they want to introduce a uniform civil code, why have the idol of goddess Saraswati in school? Why prayers, why tikas and Raksha dhaga is allowed?

    I don't agree with all the points for which these girls stand as it might impact those girls who don't want to wear such things and they are imposed on it, but I do respect their right to choose something they believe in.

    What is your take on this? If Hijab is wrong then so is the Sikh turban, so is the tilak on forehead, so is the Saraswati pooja.

    Do you think this issue is getting fanned unnecessarily for the political motives behind it?

    Please do read the whole topic I have written above before commenting or considering me against any one religion.
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    If we see the history of mankind across the world for last thousands of years then one thing we would find common is that religious differences culminated in many wars and confrontations. Today also same thing is happening everywhere in the world including these educational institutions. The hardcore religious people of every religion seek any such opportunity for starting a conflict.
    Some leaders, especially the religious ones exploit the situation and provoke the public, actually their followers, to make hue and cry whenever such oportunity arises.
    If we compare the different religions across the world then we will find that some religions are softer while some are very strict in following their religious traditions. This creates an imbalance in the society and slowly one religion starts dominating the other one. The religion which is being dominated sometimes starts fighting against it and then the real conflict starts. When the conflict is widespread then some political leaders start taking mileage out of it by taking it to further heights. So just allowing the girls to have a veil on their head will not be the end of the problems because the real problem is much deeper and rooted in evil aspirations of a few people and manifests here and there in these small outbursts.

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    In the first place, neither the hijab nor the turban nor any other form of covering over the head that is connected to one's faith is a "mere piece of cloth". That very comment is, I feel, disrespectful. It is something worn with respect towards what one believes in and worn with pride. Even something like a handkerchief is put to cover the head when entering some places of worship, making it not a piece of cloth, but a respectful gesture towards God, no matter the form of God that is worshipped within.

    Same with the tilak on the forehead. It is something that is put because of certain beliefs or for spiritual reasons. As for the Saraswati pooja, I don't think this is something universal across all schools in India. Different schools have different ways of greeting God through the morning assembly or the end-of-day prayer, maybe a "Thank you, Heavenly Father. Amen" or a Saraswati Vandana Shloka.

    The bottom line is that it is not necessary to create a furor over something that is done respectfully and does not harm anyone else.

    It is shameful that the youngsters are getting brainwashed by fanatics and heckling their own classmates, and instead of focusing on studies and enjoying the return to the campus after more than two years, they have become, to put it bluntly, goons. They are being instigated to wear the saffron shawl. Does it even mean anything to them? If so, why now, all of a sudden, just because the girls are wearing hijab, something they have been wearing right from school days to now.

    Let us not forget that wearing the hijab has enabled girls to step out, enjoy activities, study, even take up sports like football. Let there not be a ban on something that allows them to take up a career, to be financially independent, and not be confined to staying closeted and confined only to getting married and raising children.

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    It is very unfortunate that the educational institutions are used as battle ground to vent the ire on religious differences and that is dangerous strend. Earlier we have seen how the colleges and campus were widely used by the political parties for their own selfish ends. TRS which has the student wing has roped in many students and gained the separate state, but what the compensation paid to the students who lost their lives was totally forgotten. Even in the present day circumstances the campus is being used to vent the religious issues and that would have more bad effect on the students as those who are thick friends either too and now behaving as the enemy to each other and that cannot be forgotten even in future. Though the colleges are closed for time being, but the raking of issue already been done and that would have future impacts.
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    Did you see the video of the girl in hijab heckled by a crowd of boys/men the minute she parked her scooter and made her way into the college? Shame on them! Hats off to that young lady for standing her ground, fearless.

    Neelam- please explain what you are referring to in your statement "I don't agree with all the points for which these girls stand as it might impact those girls who don't want to wear such things and they are imposed on it." What all points you are objecting to? And who is imposing?

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    I never said I am in disagreement with the people wearing Hijab. It is their right to wear whatever they want to wear but the problem comes when the issue gets politicised. The girls shown in the video are clearly strong not oppressed in any way in fact are able to fight the single-handedly. The issue arises when a lot of girls from the same religion who do not like hijab over their head their freedom of choice will be compromised showing them examples of these girls who are studying while placing their religious identity as their top priority.
    Schools should not have any such special grants, at least till school level a child shouldn't be made an object of religion. Allowing people to wear their religious symbols will clearly show the religious divide which earlier was not visible. Although I am against stopping or banning any kind of wearable s that a person wants to at the college level. At the college level, a person acquires the ability to question things she/he feels wrong with their understanding of the society on the basis of upbringing but at the school level children can be brainwashed to believe in any particular kind of ideology.
    My reference to "a mere piece of cloth" was not supposed to disrespect anything, in fact, it is followers of the religion itself who have raised the subject of why a mere piece of cloth becomes such a prick in the eyes of the government and school education. As far as Hijab is considered it shouldn't be put under regulation but any further demand as some people are asking for burqa in social media should not be catered to.

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    If you are making a comment about a piece of cloth because it was referred to like that by their own community, you could have said so. It will otherwise be regarded as your own comment, isn't it?

    I don't understand how the freedom of other girls not wearing the hijab will be compromised. As you yourself stated, it is their choice to wear or not to wear.

    The problem with this whole issue is that people are looking at it only from the point of a dress code, whereas in fact, it is far more than that, with religion at the forefront. As you stated "Allowing people to wear their religious symbols will clearly show the religious divide which earlier was not visible." The keywords here are "the religious divide which earlier was not visible" - Exactly! Who created this divide? The girls? Or the rabble-rousers?!

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    Even when we have a dress code we should respect the beliefs of various faiths and we should allow them to continue their choice. What is wrong if some people wear Hijab as that is their choice and that is what their religion asked them. If somebody doesn't want to have it, it is their choice.
    In a chemical factory, no metallic articles are allowed inside the factory. There is a separate wing where ladies work and for that particular section even though they wear some metal items there is no problem. But management decided to apply the rule of not wearing metal articles universally. But we explained to them the importance ladies give for having Mangala sutra in their necks as it is their strong belief. Finally, they agreed for ladies in that particular section to have one chain in their neck. In earlier days people were not looking at everything as a point for politics and controversies. But these days politicians are different. They will try to take out a point for controversy when there is no point also. This is exactly what is happening in educational institutes these days.

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    @ Vandana,
    #752064 / It was all preplanned but could not get the perfection as desired and therefore their propaganda is clearly visible. If you, please take a note of one unusual phenomenon in the whole video. The girl from scooty had forgotten her slipper somewhere although had come to attend the school.

    Once I had heard of few who could not afford slipper due to being poor but someone who is using scooty but had come to the school without slipper, I am not able to digest this.

    Secondly, the nuisances are just being created in the BJP ruled State only and so everything is political here and considering your views on it this seems to be that they are just doing fine here.

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    Ved Prakash Anand,

    Forgotten her slipper? Really, now, how frivolous you are!!! And no, I am not going to check the video again. What I saw, as I said, was the shameful behavior of the men. That doesn't anger you, but you find it bothersome that footwear is missing. What to say...

    It doesn't matter in which State the nuisance is created or which Govt. is in power there. Are we getting into regionalism now? Focus on the core issue.

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    There are all the conspiracy theories going on since the whole thing is timed around the time of the election. Why suddenly there was a whole ruckus? Many schools often restrict so many things and the girls were fighting that at their own level but the coming of safron clad man in the picture has given it a completely new colour and dimension.
    About my remark others get affected by the decision is when it comes to moral imposition often imposed on the clothing of women. It is in this particular case that these woman are free to choose whether to wear hijab or not, unfortunately, there are many more on whom such practices are imposed. A simple example can be seen even in the Hindu household where moral judgement is often passed on the clothing of one girl wearing western attire seeing another girl from the neighbourhood who usually wear traditional attire.
    The problem is not the Hijab here, the problem is the massive and mass publicity it has gained which has made it into something very essential of Islamic practices when you can clearly see that many Muslim countries do not follow that pattern even the direct descendent of prophet Mohmmad.
    And in some countries, even man wears Hijab like in Arabic countries. My only concern here is it should have been matter of such attention and now it has it might get escalated to any extent.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    It is up to you to decide so take your pick. If you still intend to continue without differentiating between the fact and the propaganda than please continue with it, but I am done here because there is nothing left for me here to discuss any further.

    I have enough of these already.

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    As long as more jobs are not created problems like these will keep on increasing. Almost after two years, the educational institutions are opening up and the concentration should be on studies and future course of action. Students in many educational institutions in our country are used as pawns by the political leaders because everyone tries to prove their supremacy and wants to stay in power anyhow. The easiest way to do that is to influence people emotionally and the best way may be to invoke religion because that binds a group of people. It binds a group of people against another group following a different religion and it's always a political tool. From time to time politicians utter the words secular and communal and they interpret the words in their own ways according to the situation. With rising unemployment, the agitating students have to be engaged in some ways. Is it another way to keep them engaged? I have no idea. Politics is involved in every sphere of our lives and there is no exception to this too. Can't we put aside such things and concentrate on the education and the betterment of students? Perhaps the intention is missing and it's not at all encouraging.

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    @ Sankalan Bhattacharya
    You have come up with another theory, "Due to unemployment". But from the impression of the thread and the discussions being produced in the different news channels, six girls suddenly woke up to their faith and started using headscarves or hijab within their classes which were objected to by the school management, and now the case is filed to the court. The final hearing is scheduled on coming Monday.

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    Ved Prakash Anand @ #752133, if you have not gone through my response I request you to go through it. I am not here to propose any theory and the term you mentioned within quotes is nowhere in my response. When you are concerned about the final hearing of the case, it is better to wait till the final hearing without making any comment.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    @ Sankalan Bhattacharya, What do you mean by this then,

    "As long as more jobs are not created problems like these will keep on increasing."

    You are trying to relate something which so far has not been related to by any of the political parties or any of politicians or by the students or by the courts or even by the Muslim scholars or by any of the groups involved or even by the institute itself. Each of them revolves around faith and the articles listed in the constitution for freedom of practice of religion and the hijab being mandatory in Islam and that secularism is again in danger due to BJP and RSS. Wondering where is the uneployment issue here and if it is there then why this has not been discussed yet?

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    In addition, few even have now started speaking of woman empowerment now in the context of the same incidence and that is why I am calling this imperfect propaganda by the losers.

    Few got angry too from the video surfaced. I have a query from them that please turnaround the scenario of what is being captured. Means a Hindu girl and a Muslim mob chanting their religious slogan.

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    Neelam, could you please drop in and answer the queries? Logically? Having raised an issue, it is for you to conclude.
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